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My passenger window won't go up or down I tried to use the driver side button but it won't work still
I tied to use the driver side but it's still not working
My battery went out so I bought a new one 2 weeks ago. It was running fine till two days ago. I went to turn on and only the inside light will come on. So I then tried to turn on again a dew hours later and it was com...
Going down the road my Durango will just shut off as if I turned it off. When it is doing this, it will turn over, but won't start, and all the dash will go out, except the trip meter and it will show NO BUS in the w...
My Durango starts the ticking noise on the right side loudest at start up, can barely hear it while you drive , sometimes you can't hear it at all while driving. Doesn't seem to effect rpms, or driving function abilit...
I have been having lots of y problems with my 4.7 liter v8 Dodge Durango is t by there any recalls on this year make and model?
Someone tried to brake into my truck and broke the lock on my driver side. I don't have my remote to the security system so I was using my key to disarm the alarm now that my key hole is messed up I couldn't turn my...
when using my turn signals, they only work for a few seconds, or not at all. When they do work, you can actually see them working. This is occurring on both left and right turn signals.
The blower motor only works once in a while. I beleive that it is the resistor but not sure.
codes p0134 and p0138 came up and check engine light I replace the two sensors and cleard the codes with scanner but still the check engine light comes on what to do
I'm putting a new engine and trans in my 2000 dodge durango. What other maintenance Should I perform while the engine is out
I had a mechanic look at my truck he recommends a new engine, I read your symptoms of a blown head gasket and this sounds like my problem,whats the difference between the two
just replaced upper and lower ball joints inner and outer tie rod ends now my durango oversteers on both sides to the point that my tires touch the frame