The third window on the driver side

I got stuck in snow

Some days works fine.

Some days no problems with blinker

Reluctor rings change 16. T ooth onto a 32 tooth crankshaft old eng ine 2000 4.7L new engine 2003 4.7 ?

Will the reluctor wheels for crankshaft and camshaft from a 2000 4.7 fit on the crankshaft and camshaft of a 2003 4.7 ???

What is it going to take as in electronic parts wire harness, PCM, what all do I need please help

Put a 2003 4.7 engine into my 2000 that had a 4.7 in it now it will not start what do have to change to get it to run? Do I have to

There same gear. Ratio