I got stuck in snow

Some days works fine.

Some days no problems with blinker

Reluctor rings change 16. T ooth onto a 32 tooth crankshaft old eng ine 2000 4.7L new engine 2003 4.7 ?

Will the reluctor wheels for crankshaft and camshaft from a 2000 4.7 fit on the crankshaft and camshaft of a 2003 4.7 ???

What is it going to take as in electronic parts wire harness, PCM, what all do I need please help

Put a 2003 4.7 engine into my 2000 that had a 4.7 in it now it will not start what do have to change to get it to run? Do I have to

There same gear. Ratio

My truck will just turn off when I try to restart it it just cranks but wont start all the gauges move when I try to start it EXCEPT FOR the fuel gauge I have to wait at least 2 to 3 hours till it will start and when it finally does start the engine misses and runs rough I took it to an auto electric shop and the guy told me the computer was bad but he couldn't get a replacement because his guy in Texas didn't have one but when he gets one it will cost $900.00 for computer $200.00 to program and $150.00 labor on top of the $125.00 he charged to diagnose the problem so I call up a few auto parts shops and was told to disconnect the computer bring the VIN# And the mileage and it would cost me $360.00 and it would take 3 weeks well I sent and they checked it out And they couldn't find any problems with it so they gave me all my money back and said it wasn't the problem now 5 days ago my wife and son went to the store and on the way home it turned off again so my wife had it towed home well the tow truck driver had a durango and had the same problems until he changed all the fuses and the Auto Shut Down Relay and after that the fuel gauge would not turn off or did the truck turn off again is this normal and should I change all the fuses and all of the relays can I just change the the Auto Shut Down Relay