I have a hole in my break line

this is a 1999 Dodge Durango, SLT,. 5.9 V8. Has no patern to the hick-ups. shows no codes.

Put it on cumputer it said internal Trans,torque converter crank shaft sensor..but trans. Feels strong yhr idle eill start jumping and will die at a stop acasonaly when it starts missing..but when its not missing it runs stroung

I get no codes on a reader and no codes blink on dash.I can't get codes to show on dash board. Any ideas why? Changed all sparked plugs and wires along with crankshaft sensor and spark plug coil because it wouldn't crank over. It starts now but alarm system wipers stay on and head lights are out. Any ideas would great.

Because I replaced the engine harness after some wires where melted everything else comes on except the gas hand moving and not cranking or could it be a bad computer cause I am lost cause I had to replace the fuel relay fuse under the hood.

After running for awhile it has stalled then won't start up again for awhile. Gauges won't work when it won't start. Cranks but won't start. If I turn the key and gauges are working it starts right up.
Also, just started doing this, on the highway it jerks a little like a small loss of power.

I recently replaced the cam sensor and crankshaft sensor and still went turn on. When I did get it to turn on it stayed on for about 30 mins then shut off on its own anyone e know what could be the problem? Oh and I can't seem to get the security light to go away as well

the end of the wire has come loose. I don't recognise the fitting on the end. Can I re attach it?