from driver tire but didnt see once i started drivin , got home and parked and smelled burnin smell and like behind tire was real red and hot looking.. what is it???

I changed the switch but that did not help.

Just need a good mechanic for tune-ups, etc.

I have lost reverse...I am pretty sure it is a 5.2 but how do i check to be certain

inside cabin will not warm up, hear vents opening, blower blowing, motor running, just enough warmth to clear snow/ice from window after 15-20 minutes of running

I can't fill my tank any more because the pump shut off automatically if gas flow is more than a small tinkle.

beside the blower motor itself what else could keep the blower motor from working and it is not a fuse

how long to replace blower motor and where is the blower relay/resisiter

where is the blower relay

i would like to get an idea on what the hourly rate or the total costs would be for removal of a blown engine out of a 1998 Dodge Durango and having another engine, That I provide, how much can I expect to pay for this service. I will provide the new motor, and they have to take out the old one and install the one that i take them. Thank you for your help.

It takes a long time to heat up, but never gets hot bearly warm. I replaced rad. cap, thermostate, fan clutch, and flushed systom.

where can i find a diagram for the spark plugs and wires

my darango over heated i lost all coolant and dont know wher coolant came out and now my hose is susked together

where is the heter blower located and how long wld it take

I called a dealership and they said that my durango was discontinued and can i use another year of a durango to replace the pedal? and if so where can i find it?