just put timing chain in Durango and now the thing wont start right. think dist. is off one tooth but cant adjust it how is that possible

Gas pump shurs off when i try to fill tank

Bf fixed wheel hub bearings, brakes, rotors. And the lights are still on. What is the abs sensor rear shift differential and where is it located? What else could cause it? After he fixed the bearings the speedometer works. Please help we need it fixed asap

Also my power locks click but won't lock or unlock.

What could the problem be.??

When I turn the lights on they flash after 5 /10 min's of driving turn them off then turn them back on and the same changed the headlight switch and same checked in the steering column found 2 wires fraied, fixed that and changed the multifuntion switch same problem airbag light is on

is there a relay or master contact that controls the window switchs

both back lites are out plus the dash lites , checked the bulbs they're good, checked the fuses, none are blown. what do i check next and how?

My 1998 Durango seems to be stuck in 3rd gear. Will not go into overdrive. Will only reach top speed of 65 and struggles. Fluid and filter changed with no resolve. One band adjusted but not the other. Could 4-wheel drive still be engaged without knowing. Do I need a new transmission? Help, I love my durango!

Im driving and when I take my foot off the gas pedal and go to break it shuts off what causes it

Air conditioner has not been working for last few months, has enough free on in it. Now the windows are fogging up? do smell a sweet smell but see not wetness on floor.

I have to manually shift from 1st to 2nd to drive when starting from stop. It acts as though it needs gas or it out of gas. While driving sometimes,you can feel & see the hesitation on the tacometer when it does this. 1 shop said it is the transmission, another says its the engine computer.

Changed coil,distributor cap and rotor