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I have a 2005 dodge dakota with the 3.7 and is 4 wheel drive. When I went to use it last, I turned the knob to 4 lock high. The light flickered more than normal and then stayed on. I proceeded to go striaght only, n...
Mine showed 3/4 full and I ran out of gas. It is an intermittent problem so I never know when it will act up so now I have to monitor the gas via the trip meter.
Step by step or diagram would be great.
its acting up shifts when it wants n service 4x4 light on
it is a constant soft vibration. there seems to ok with power.
It makes a clicking noise when I drive it. It happens all day everyday.
I have a 2005 dodge Dakota and it started thumbing in between 1st and 2nd gear. It is a v6 I drove with it for awhile but it got extremely bad after a few months and if took it into a repair shop they checked the tran...
When I am driving on a smooth road and go around a curve or go down into a dip in the road or hit a bump, all of the dash light sensors start blinking and the fuel gauge pegs to empty and the speedometer pegs also. It...