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Dirt got between the plug and the heat shield and the spark plug socket will not go in far enough to get the plugs out. So I would lik to take the heat shields out. How do you do that?
I replaced the master cylinder and new brake fluid. No air in brake lines. What do I need to check?
it tends to vibrate when ever I apply gas at around 35-45 mph,could it be my u joints or driveshaft if so what would it cost too be fix
When the key is in the on position everything works fine but when I try to start it everything goes black no power whatsoever.when I put the key in the on position everything comes back on.
tranny is newly rebuilt new valve body , new torque converter, new clutches seals fluid , filters ect. shifts fine for a while then shifts down low to second then acts like your running out of fluid but fluid is full
Is this true or not?? I would think that you cant because they are different trucks and it runs different parts.
not looking for a perfect car but I know that this type of data is out there just don't know how to access it all of you guru's should have a clue
I have a 2000 dodge Dakota with 139,000 miles and is a very strong runner. The problem I have is the heater core is leaking and requires replacement but I have heard horror stories about removing the entire dash to do...
I have a 99 Dakota w/ 78000 miles on it. Recently while driving my engine stalled at about 35mph. I made it back home safely. There were no error codes coming up. I changed the fuel pump and put in a new battery. I c...
squealing noise like, a loose belt sounds.but theres no loose still shifts though.
I want to replace camshaft position sensor but i cannot find it in my 2003 dodge dakota
Malfunction indicator light was lit and po320 appeared as the fault code
Truck was working fine no issues at all. Was using it prior to it not turning on no signs of nothing wrong. So when i do turn it on the lights come on and i turn the egnition and the lights go out and wont come back o...
My truck had to have the rear seal in trans replaced it was slipping before this but I thought having it change a fluid filled would change this 1st to 2nd changes below 20mph with some slipin 2nd to 3rd is at 35mph a...
I got this truck and it needs the clutch and throwout bearing replaced. Don't have the money to pay someone else, so I want to tackle it myself. I need a guide to do so.
I took this vehicle in for an oil change and it came out with no oil pressure. I drove away not noticing the oil pressure problem for 2 miles. I returned to dealer with engine banging - BLOWN. Dealer said sludge cause...