Can hear blend door moving I think. Can hear blower speed up inside dash like right behind radio just nothing out floor duct

minor crash with truck, damaged front end and replaced front clip . had it running drove a couple miles. Parked overnight and wont start again.

have to press brake really hard

Truck started and ran normally. After driving thirty minutes, engine lost power, sputtered then shut off. Restarted engine, ran rough (loping) then shut off. Will not run after trying to restart it.

I changed the coil pack and it started right up the next day I went out to start it and it just cranked and cranked I can hear the fuel pump kicking on so I can't think of what else it could be.

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota with a bent valve (?) that has 120k miles on it. Should I repair the valve or replace the whole engine with a remanufactured engine? What should I expect to pay for both scenarios?

what replacement fuel pump module will fit this dakota with 3.9 engine. direct replacement not available. thanks

I'm not getting any throttle on my gas pedal. The speedometer isn't working either. It will go just getting no gas is seems. Got the pedal to the the floor and got nothing.

when i first crank it no problem,take off in 1st go to 2nd then 3rd before i get the rpms hi enough i have to let off gass or down shift,it acts like dont want to take the gas./
it just started this last night

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

The light remained on after we got the wipers to work. Went to O'Reilly's and run a computer diagnostic in the following codes came up P0748,P0743,P0765,P0753. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THESES CODES MEAN.PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I was Drving home from work and it became hard to shift gears got it home and killed it and then next day went to go to work and i put it in 1st had my foot on clutch pedal and then started it and the truck took off had to turn key off to kill it then tried to start truck then put in gear and won't go in gear i then took off slave cycled and looked at it and the rubber piece on the end of rod was wore down changed the slave and master cylinder then bleed it and started truck and tried to put in gear and still go won't go in gear when I try to put it in gear truck starts to roll a lil like it almost in gear but won't go in

turn signals work, head lights work , hazards work , checked fuses and all bulbs and changed head light switch

When I step down on the accelerator it does nothing until about 3/4 of the throttle is down and then it kicks into a lower gear and takes off.

On freeway when truck died, lights on dash read check gauges and showed fuel tank but plenty of fuel. Started and died a few minutes later. Checked fuses and relays & all good. Towed home then started truck and drove around block and idled fine. Next AM no start again but now Check engine light on, fuel tank showing and reading says No bu5 What does this mean and how can I test it?

My son thinks he might have put to much oilin his truck. He lost oil pressure. When he restarted the truck. The oil pressure came back and then wentvaway again and the engine started knocking.

Can anyone post a pic of where the oil pressure sensor is on a 2004 Dodge Dakota? 4.7 engine

2005 Dakota shifting into 4 wheel drive by itself even when it is just sitting in the driveway off. Tired of it. Scary to drive on the highway. Tries to shift into 4Lo. It has the 4.7, not all wheel drive.

I am not mechanical inclined

4.7L, 2wd, crew cab, 121k miles.
I can not predict when problem will occur, but often under slight load. If I shift to neutral and rev, prob goes away.

Turned key off/on 3 x .
Odometer said P done?

180,000+ miles. Code "no bus" came up with engine light on dash when it would not restart, then next day I turned key in ignition and without turning it over 3x(on/off)and odometer said "p done". What do these mean?

180k miles. Also, "no bus" on the odometer.
Did the key trick 3x in 5 seconds to see any codes.it reads "P done"?

My 4 high won't work but my 4 low will, now when I go back to 2wd my 4wd service light is still on with the truck not being on 4wd anymore? Thanks for your help

I removed the front driver said break line for better access at the bottom sliding pin and bushing on the caliper once pin was replaced I reconnected line without bleeding them once everything was reassembled and I removed the Jack I remembered so begin lazy I attempted to bleed the line I had removed without jacking it up or removing wheel. The pedal would not stop going all the way to the floor so I bleed the front passenger side same thing no pressure ABS light still on how do I fix this how do I make ABS light go off HELP PLEASE

When first started loss of power for about 4min.

My automatic(motion) door lock on my driver side quit working years ago. Recently, the passenger side clicks for no reason, intermittently, even when just sitting in the garage. I just wish to unhook it so that it doesn't run my battery down this winter...

Appreciate a suggested solution...



The truck stops fine but the emergency brake will not hold the truck from rolling on a hill even a small one

about once every month I have to put in some more break fluid and every once in a while I see a puddle under my car but not always. any sugjestions