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Pop cluch to restart new plugs cap and rotor gas treatment .problem getting worse last 3 weeks

leaving a vehicle for 3 days at a dealership seems a bit MUCH when a recall is noted to consumer and dealership does not "SCHEDULE" appts for this work

I just changed my solenoid and it taps when I'm at idol. I have no tr codes.

My engine is rebuilt but my sending unit is the original. I don't have coolant in my reservoir but it's not running hot.

Glowing white and black smoke periodically

Check gages light came on and coolant overheating smells like smoke

getting check engine light code p1494

No spark no tart power getting to coil all fuses are good

My Dakota has a bad ticking coming from the engine area it seems like its a lifter can I adjust it or is that what it seems to be ,it idels rapidly when its getting driven for a few,check engine light comes on


howdie pullin front diff out anything need to know about doin it just askin all help is good thk,s again

What sound does it make

Low idle as well. And from time to time my transmission cooling line pops off...i clamped it several times but still finds a way to give me trouble. Any advice

On occations, the motor is cold, my eng. light stays on, po442 (EVAP sys., small leak detected). My gas mil. dropped alittle.

I just replaced the fuel pump the splice was not corroded it gets spark from the distributor but it just cranks and cranks if fuel or starting fluid is put into throttle body truck starts but doesn't stay running although it does backfire. It had been stalling out occasionally then went to the gas station put some gas in it drove home then wouldn't start.

Yesterday, in Petersburg, I can't get the gearshift to release after pressing brake pedal very hard.

turn the key on, has fire to coil for a second, when cranked no fire to coil. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?

cranked. fuel pump works fine. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?

Battery totally dead.when I jump started I pressed on gas pedal turned on took off foot of gas pedal engine turns off

After it was installed need to know whats the problem

Tranny was repaired, switch was working but repair place said not sinking deep enough. So I want to put lighted toggle switch in. What type wire and fuse and how to wire

The neutral safety switches are different. 2000 tranny has 3 prongs and 2001 has 5 wires

i have followed these instructions
(1) Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
(2) Remove engine oil dipstick.
(3) Raise vehicle.
(4) Drain engine oil.
(5) Remove exhaust pipe.
(6) Remove left engine to transmission strut.
(7) Loosen the right side engine support bracket cushion through-bolt nut and raise the engine slightly. Remove oil pan by sliding backward and out.
(8) Remove the one-piece gasket."

and i'm unable to get the oil pan out past the transmission and front cross-member i need about another 1/8 of clearance to remove the pan. any help appreciated

Wires. Purple. Pink. PinkDblue black blackOrgStp green white blkstp what numbs please and ty

It cranks but won't start it isn't the cankpoistion sensor it gets spark has gas

what would cause temp gauge to go straight to hot even after vehicle has sat all for day or so on 2001 dodge Dakota 3.9 L V6, but didn't do this until I change the alternator. Today have changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor and still no change to the gauge.

sometimes the shifting problem will go away, but chattering and squeaking stay.

Want to buy a 02 dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 V8 4.7 liter but the owner told me it needs Oil sending sensor changed. I need information on where its located? What tools will i need? And is it easy to change?

I have done O2 Sensors, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), Plugs 2X, Wires 2X, Cap Rotor 2X, Coil, and a lot of other new parts however my truck will not turn over. I am at a complete stand still trying to figure out where to go next. I have replaced everything and then some of what any code has ever come up (Which was always with the O2 Left Upstream, and 5 & 6 Misfire). What Now?

Front-end Collision on passenger side crashing the headlight on the passenger side did not deploy airbags at 30 miles an hour