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Want to buy a 02 dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 V8 4.7 liter but the owner told me it needs Oil sending sensor changed. I need information on where its located? What tools will i need? And is it easy to change?

have to press brake really hard

Replaced fuel pump no power to fuel pump or rest of truck Message No BusWhat to do

flicker. get home shut it off and it will start fine with no apparent issues until it gets hot again/

Motor is blower got a new one just need it put in

When driving in 2 wheel it makes grinding noise like trying to go into 4 high shifts back and forth from 2 to 4 high using switch just fine

gas cap leaks , does not stay tight.

I am having a possible differential problem? I have asked a couple of questions of shops in the area. And found that all that I have asked, seem to be able to find repair parts double /triple what I can find with shorter warrantees on the parts. I'm just curious why such discrepancy in part prices and is there a normal price for this repair with a bearing kit + labor

The truck breaks fine, it stops in a straight line.
I believe it start after i dropped the gas tank to replace the fuel pump.
Where should i start looking? am i looking for an electrical short or open?

Is this true or not?? I would think that you cant because they are different trucks and it runs different parts.

not looking for a perfect car but I know that this type of data is out there just don't know how to access it all of you guru's should have a clue

Left and right front end 4x4