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Is this true or not?? I would think that you cant because they are different trucks and it runs different parts.
not looking for a perfect car but I know that this type of data is out there just don't know how to access it all of you guru's should have a clue
Left and right front end 4x4
Looking to see how much and who would do it in my area 34205 area code.....
02 Dodge Dakota will start then dye after shutting off engine and won't start and run unless it sits for 30 min. a code reader said it was the battery temp sensor or the right bank 02 sensor. I need help getting this ...
After it has been run a while I shut it off and then try to restart it will start then die I have to wait 20 -30 min before it will start and run. Code reader says battery temp or 02 sensor on right bank any ideas wh...
This is happening to my hood,roof,and fenders and would like to know why and if they will fix and pay for repair?
I have to use the emergency brake all the time when parking .If on uneven ground my truck will roll .Presently this happens all the time .
2 weeks ago my truck wouldn't start in park but would in neutral. Didn't have a problem after that until yesterday. Same thing started right up in neutral. Then later in the day wouldn't start in park or neutral. It c...
my truck would not start it had a 340 code changed crankcase positioning sensor it started ran fine for to weeks. went out one morning to start would not it throwed the same 340 code again.
I have a gravel driveway, tires slipped. Thought parking brake, no. Then brakes, no. Only happens when in a tight turn. I've learned to make wide turns. Seems to release, at least partially when straight. Diff locking?