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Transmission will not engage and shift correctly. Do I need to remove the tcm and take it to the dealer to get it flashed?
It runs like it is only hitting on 7 out of 8 spark plugs and sometimes shuts off when I start out. I have to run it with 1 foot on the brake and the other on the gas pedal to keep it going. I no sooner clear the code...
engine has rough idle sometimes I have to work the gas pedal and break when starting out or it shuts off. This just started the other day out of the blue. I can unhook the wires to the coil and it does nothing it runs...
Wondering if there is a way to reset the computer or what else to try. Thought it was battery but no. It starts then immediately dies, let it set 8 hours tried it started twice and stayed on then everything interior l...
It cut out and it was fine then about ten mins later it started losing power and cutting out did for about two miles then wouldn't go anymore! Now it will start for few mins and die
what are some common problems I should expect and is the truck nearing the end of its useful life expectancy?
The light will come on again and later go off. The code for this light coming on is the PO432 which suggest that the catalytic converter or O2 sensors are bad. What steps should I take to have checked out. I'm concern...
selector switch for awd/4h/4l flashes when going from awd to 4H but never goes into 4wd - light returns to awd position after short time flashing - could it be as simple as the switch on dash being bad ???
selector switch blinks when switching from awd to 4h then returns to awd after a short time - does not go into 4wd and dont hear any noise like its trying to ????
no owners manual, can't find needed parts to change the tire.
When put into reverse the reverse lights flicker, it is a manual trans.
where is the coolant sensor located and does the battery needs to be disconnected
after replacing coolant sensor engine wouldnt crank, got message no gages and odemeter said no bus
paint started peeling several yrs ago and now the hood and top of cab has almost no paint.