I changed the bulb, and still blinks very fast , the right turn signal work fine. can anyone tell me what i need to do?

i have a 1999 dodge dakota.. when driving ,or in neutral... my rpm gadge jumps up and down, sometimes my truck cuts off.can someone tell what that might be?

My starter is having issues starting my truck now after my light switch went bad what could be wrong

Bought my 1999 Dakota with 5.2 for a work truck. It has 170000 miles. Had an issue with turn signal wiring being pinched under the gas tank that has been fixed. I have replace the map, IAC, and the throttle control module. It recently started sputtering sounding like its missing. Also when problem occurs it idles like I put a cam in it. I took it to auto zone to have pcm scanned and I was amazed by the amount of error codes they found as follows:
-P1297 no change in map signal

-P0201 through P0208 fuel injector control circuit malfunction
-P0505 Idle air control motor circuit malfunction
-P0132 HO2S 11 (bank 1 sensor 1) signal shorted to voltage
-P0138 HO2S 12 (bank 1 sensor 2) signal shorted to voltage
-P1296 5 volt VREF supply is missing.
No idea where to go from here. I've read about the pcm issues everyone has with this model year but it's not quite like my issue. Before I dump any more money in on this truck I need some advice

the dam thing dies driving at any speed sometimes it will start right back up other times I have to weight till it cools down I replaced the cam sensor already?

brake lites on dash are on.

air to defrost and back to floor while accelerating.

Auto store turned if off for a few minutes but then comes back on. Has been doing this for over two years. How do I disengage it?

Dirt got between the plug and the heat shield and the spark plug socket will not go in far enough to get the plugs out. So I would lik to take the heat shields out. How do you do that?

I have a 99 Dakota w/ 78000 miles on it. Recently while driving my engine stalled at about 35mph. I made it back home safely. There were no error codes coming up. I changed the fuel pump and put in a new battery. I cleaned the throttle body and IAC valve. I tightened the belt all the the way it would go and it started and got me around for the day. I let it sit for a few days and now we are back to square one. If it starts it dies suddenly. Thank you for your help.