Ok so I've had this 96 Dakota for a couple of years and up til now has had no issues. I've replaced the fuel pump, the distributor, camshaft position sensor, and still won't start. Now I did have it going awhile back, by forcing power straight to the pump. Not a smart idea but one that got it running, until now not even that gets it to go. Its throwing the code 0171 too lean on bank one. It also is giving other error codes for the engine light says ecm bad. I however think that it isn't getting the signal necessary from the pump causing the ecm to kick back and say error. I have no idea on how to fix this and would really like some help. I've done literally everything I could think of and still nothing.

There appears to be no loss of coolant in normal driving, but when going up a long grade ... it spews and the temp indicates ... it HOT!

No spark at all

will not charge with new alternator

shifter is in 'P' or 'N' and key is turned, starter will not engage or even click. seems the 'P' sensor is not making connection.

the park lights work however the turn signals do not

a couple days ago my v8 magnum dodge Dakota started acting funny.. what I mean is that now we have to step on the gas n rev the engine up in order to get the truck to idle n run but also now needs to be revved every time we switch from park to reverse we need to rev or truck dies same when switching it to drive we need to rev it up all the time n every time it stops or slows it stalls unless we double foot drive then it wont stall why does this happen ??

It will start up,drive half a mile then stalls,starts again,then stalls.

Lately a few times all the lights on the cluster go on and all the gauges are pegged. Whacking the dash board cleared it up each time. I just wonder how involved a job it will be to really fix this. Thanks.

now that its cold here and snow is down 9 degs im finding miss fires on all cylinders. don't feel them it just comes up as pending codes . changed timing chain set. I think its time to get rid of this thing

hooked up a real time scanner to my truck and it looks as though im getting distributor advance that bounces from 13 to 17 at idle. also changed injectors again but still get misfires codes 300 and then 301 303 305 on 1 3 5 . mostly 3 an 1 . I can drive for about 20 mins before the randoms show up they don't usually turn on the mil light. also the o2 takes a long time, over an hour before the tests get finish if they finish at all. mostly the heater on the o2. just driving down the freeway 65 mph. any ideas?

crank pulley wobbles a little. Can timing chain make noise like rod knsock, also does this engine have timing chain slap issues. On a standard trans is crank pulley a hamonic balancer or just pulley? Thanks for any useful information.