but then will die if driven again changed crank position sensor, starter , battery ,fuel pump, idle position sensor,and pick up sensor any ideas

Without the 4-way flashers the truck will stall out or putting in Reverse it will stall out or turn on the headlights was still out

What could be causing this. I did a full tune up yesterday and that didn't help. Could this be a fuel issue? I read that this could be caused by the C Converter or possible fuel issues, going to also replace the fuel filter soon. Once rev the truck up in first and let out the clutch it stops shaking, this also doesn't happen everytime it accelerate and only happens in lower gears.

Hard clunk into reverse all the time. While driving and shifting gears has a clunk also. Transmission also seams to jump from gear to gear easily while driving with light acceleration or deceleration.
Transmission fluid is still red in colour and still has some viscosity (not thin like water).
I haven't looked much into this issue because i have recently bought the truck

how to replace and check

How does a customer refer a local business that does great work

was repair in the past had a leak in line never worked since need to know trouble tree what to check and diagnosis

I've replaced plugs & wires, coil, distributor cap,rotor, ignition coil.
What should I replace now please help

When it does not start I do not get a check engine light, tap r fender or computer it starts believe I am getting a 12 code memory standby power lost.

I got this truck and it needs the clutch and throwout bearing replaced. Don't have the money to pay someone else, so I want to tackle it myself. I need a guide to do so.

Okay, I have a 92 Dodge Dakota 5.2 automatic. I have replaced the coil (had a crack in it), the distributor cap and rotor as well as the pickup, we checked the ASR and swapped the fuses around seemed fine. When I turn the power on I hear a click from the fuel pump but not the actual pump pushing fuel. We manually turned the fuel pump on in the fuse box and checked to see if the pump was pumping fuel and it was.

a couple of years ago my fuel pump on my 92 Dakota 3.9 went out. I put a new one in it from advanced auto and when its warm outside it starts right up but when it gets cold out my relay takes awhile to kick in as soon as the relay stops clicking my fuel pump kicks in then the truck starts and when its real cold out it takes forever for the rely to kick in. could someone please help me with information on this issue thank you