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I have change the ect sensor and coolant sensor and a new computer.
Was driving down the road the truck lost power and now will not crank
The truck starts up and runs fine, but when i get over 20 mph the engine knocks hard and it keeps knocking when I speed up and when it gets past it, It starts to run fine again. Not sure what to do.
91 dodge , nice lil truck but I can never tell just how fast I am going since the speedo does not work , my truck is a standard with a 3.9L V6 also the anti lock lite stays on always ? Thanks for listening ~ FIRE ~
Changed filter and gasket. changed vehicle speed sensor, still falls out of gear. Only has low when shut off and re-started.
My automatic transmission won't shift into overdrive but all of my other gears shift correct ly could it be something simple like my overdrive button?
oil started pouring out looks like coming from above the trans where engine and trans come together how much$ should it cost to fix
Truck wanders back and forth, has slack in steering system. Tried to adjust pwr steering gearbox, no luck. How can i adjust-out the slack?
my truck is having elc problums my breaklites dont work or my hazards plus on the driver side blinker.now my motor will crank but not start. ive look at my relays and fusees look at my ign.batt.got new coil. spark plu...