And oil light is on now I checked the oil level is good. coolant is good got heat. No knocking or rattling fuse under dash is good what can be wrong???? And truck is 1989 with 3.9 liter engine. Just started this no warning.

I've been slowly losing 3rd, then no 3rd gear at all. Then I lost all great power. It starts, but won't move. It has been leaking transmission fluid. Possible fluid leak from the seal on the torque converter. I'm not sure if it is the converter or something else. Please help

The noise gets a little louder the faster I go but the noise don't change when trans. Shifts but when I start slowing down to a stop it sounds like it could be some sort of gear maybe but it isn't a metal to metal sound and also it has a miss in it driving and at idle

Again, engine cranks and revs fine in park and moves forward in drive under basic idle, but when you push gas pedal, engine will not rev up.

Okay it's a 84 Dodge d150 change the alternator battery is good drives perfectly fine during the day but at night time when I turn on the headlights it's slowly drains down at least the headlights get dimmer and then if I try to turn everything on it'll finally kill itself out if I let it sit for a little bit I can turn the headlights on in their bright again but have to jump it same thing happens a little bit later after driving

What might the problem be?

just need to know what parts will fit my 90 model when do the parts start to change?

but the choke is open only half ways it runs just fine please help

When I start my truck up cold it runs horrible and misses and loses all its power but when it warms up it ruins better but still feels like it's holding back power what could cause this

Have a 1990 D150 w/318 Holley TBI system. Fuel is getting to the throttle body AND is passing through to the regulator, but no fuel to the injectors. I just replaced the fuel pump two days ago. Engine was running until I replaced the inline fuel filter in the return line.

Outlet sparked and starting burning. The radio flashed on and off a few times. The truck died and will not start. No buzzer or dash & gauge lights. Power windows work but radio doesnt.

I figured it would be a few screws to replace the stock air cleaner, and valve covers. Well the valve covers are easy. but the air cleaners are different.. the stock one in the dodge. has hoses coming from it. One i think goes to the exhaust manifold and the other goes out the side of the truck. maybe a air box.. I'm very new so forgive me. just need some help on what to do. when putting the new one on. the new performance ones I search online look like its just the filter with the top and bottom pieces to screw down on top of the carb. So am i just suppose to remove the hoses and remove stock filter, and screw down the new one? what about the hole that i think would be left after i take the hose from the exhaust manifold? Please help me