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My driver side window was working just fine when I went to roll it back up it would not go up all other windows out working just fine what can I do to get it up?

Want to know how do i fix my problem?

Camshaft and Crank Misalignment. Possible Oil Control Soleniod Malfunction, may have missing oil screen.

I disconnected the battery first, I also replaced the map sensor and the PCM had a little water in it and was cleaned with sensor cleaner. the lightning bolt went off and everything was fine after clearing the codes. so I thought it was just the PCM, ran fine. I put the original clean one on today and started running like crap again, took the PCM out again after disconnecting the NEG on battery. back to the same way, bogging out unless I floor it to the floor... it goes then or runs ruff. these are the codes at first P2135, P0221, P0222 AND permanent loss of communication, I have changed the throttle body 5 times and took all hardware off and changed the filter. please help,


I have a car system in it.When ever I start up,about ever 15mins it will the lighting bolt sign comes on,and then I pull over shut it off , then start it back up and pull off.

Changed all 6 plugs, #3&#4coil pack ,fuel injectors, bt now shakes when idle or stop. Drives fine code will not go away check engine light stays on

Does the Freon help cool the oil and the other fluids

I got two warning lights on the looks like a lightning bolt between parenthesis and the other looks like a car skidding. I asume the car skidding is traction control, but what is the other?
Also, when these lights come on the car will go go over 55 mph. If I stop and shut the car off, the lights and problem are gone on re-start.
Anybody know what might be going on?