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My 2007 dodge charger 2.7 v 6 engine started skipping.I changed all 6 of the ignition coil. But my car still skipping.
you can hear the motor working but the window won't go down. could it possibly be off track?
It does not matter what type of gas I put in or if I put more in after it clicks off. Sometimes it does not start right away and takes several tries, sometimes it starts right up and then is still jerky. After about 5...
I brought my Charger brand new in 2011. The radio been replaced 3 times and counting. Now they say my antenna module needs replacing. The cost is over $400.00.
i have a 2007 dodge charger and i took the car to the dealer on 3/25/2015 to get the key re programmed. they did diagnostic test came up with a ignition switch so i bought the switch and a new key had the switch repla...
Had $1300 of work completed in Feb. After they repaired EGR Valve, Surpentine Belt, Coil, Plugs etc... Well the next day drove the car, doing the exact same thing. Took it back, said I needed a new engine. He said h...
rpm goes high and wont shift to second gear just had transmission serviced last week and was told it looked great. the battery light on dash came on right before the car dead
I am trying to play my music from my phone through my car radio
While driving 25mph or greater my engine will turn off and then restart. When going less then that my engine will turn off completely. There is no indication of rough idling or engine malfunction, I believe it is an e...
Diagnostic. Test. Does. Not show any anything at all
Revs up n park but not n gear
had a mechanic check for leaks he said it was a thermostat we talked on the top thermostat was already replaced he said there's another at the bottom and it would be replaced to stop the leak after it was replace the ...
And it still sway NTB say there's no alignment for the rear and it must be something bent in the rear I never had a reck in my car can someone help please about to go crazy
While driving a msg occured "service power steering" my first insta was to turn the ignition off while waitinf at the signal. After which when i drove my car, the steerinf wont just rotate. Its fixed at one place and ...
I keep getting a misfire on cylinder 6 on my 2008 dodge charger and it keeps puttin when i stop or the car is just running. No one can seem to tell me whats really wrong. It started right after i had my timing replaced.
code PO113 intake air temperature circuit high input is showing as my car's problem and i dont know what the sensor looks like. The car refuse to start when its the temperature is hot
The car sat for two before I replaced the engine. The car started right up and runs smooth and drives smooth. Thing is can't get the cel to clear.