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The CD player is working but the FM isn't working.... every thing is working good but when I switch it to the FM "RADIO" it doesn't give any sound or a noise.
replace brakes have anything to do with it? brakes replaced 2wks ago, problem just started.
Just changed the battery, had a bad battery but when connected that light stay on (esp) light. Please tell me or give example how to get it off.
for 2 days now, when i drive my 09 dodge charger the automatic door locks go off repeatedly for a few clicks and then it stops for about a minute and then repeats, i have also noticed it only does this throughout the ...
when it won't start the starter keeps running until you turn key off
Options available concerning "your Car" above did not permit identification of a 1972 model.
Engine light came on 2 months back it will not accerlate over 20 and as soon as I start it the esp light comes on a lightening bolt symbol appears and the rpms are exided without pushing gas I have codes p1790, p0734...
Every once in a while engine will turn for a second. Smell gas thought.
the therm will go up them back down blow out ice cold air and then 30 seconds later blow out really hot air. please help sick of being cold ty
Can't figure why it does this.....Also the steering wheel feels like it is always rubbing. Dealer stated there was some kind of rubber sleeve that came off and they fixed it. A day or two later the rubbing noise came ...
when I turn my key to start the car my radio turn on my ac turned on but my engine won't start sometimes it takes me like 30 minutes to get it turned on has this happened to someone else