Driver's side headlight stopped working. I replaced the headlight, twice actually. It still didn't work. A mechanic first said it was a relay switch, a $260 repair. I okayed it, but then they caled back saying, no it would actually be $1,106!

lock/unlock pop up on passenger front not responding

Motor blown need to replace

My car will not stay charged. Replaced battery,ignition switch, and keys and still having the same problem.

when making right turns stearing wheel hardens and is harder to turn what needs fixed

The CD player is working but the FM isn't working.... every thing is working good but when I switch it to the FM "RADIO" it doesn't give any sound or a noise.

replace brakes have anything to do with it? brakes replaced 2wks ago, problem just started.

Just changed the battery, had a bad battery but when connected that light stay on (esp) light. Please tell me or give example how to get it off.

for 2 days now, when i drive my 09 dodge charger the automatic door locks go off repeatedly for a few clicks and then it stops for about a minute and then repeats, i have also noticed it only does this throughout the afternoon when its hot outside, works fine in the morning and at night (only had two days to test the theory on whether it is affected by hot weather). I have also changed the battery after talking with my mechanic.....did not fix the issue. any Ideas?