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you can hear the motor working but the window won't go down. could it possibly be off track?
I keep getting a misfire on cylinder 6 on my 2008 dodge charger and it keeps puttin when i stop or the car is just running. No one can seem to tell me whats really wrong. It started right after i had my timing replaced.
Had same problem less than 2 years ago ,put new battery ,put 2 new alts ,then they found short in wire from battery to alt,
My Charger Have Been Being Funny In Limp Mode & i dont wannt drop in another tranny for $700+ but i need help..!
We have never had any problems with it acting up. Yesterday I drove about 5 min, went for a walk then 30 min later it would not start. It barley turns over. I have all electrical working. I have had the battery tested...
my car will not go out of park how do i start it to get it to the dodge dealership
My car is an automatic 2008 dodge charger