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this moring ac unit and fan just stop working i check the fuses can it be a relay fuses
Took it to a shop and they say I need to replace the stuts, but I really dont believe them, my car only has 37000 miles it makes a loud noise when i go over bumps, can this really be. I have replaced almost all of the...
The car won't start unless the gas tank is hit with a rubber mallet
It only does it after sitting for a while but once it heats up it stops
How do you replace the drivers side header gasket on a 06 charger with a 5.7 also how long does it typically take. thanks
I have the factory installed CD/DVD/GPS system with controls on the steering wheel. Recently, the power to the in-dash screen started to turn off and on randomly. When the screen is not lit, I can still turn the power...
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this code means and how to fix the problem?
the door open light stays on so the inside lights stay on too, any fix for this?
throttle acuator control system stuck open , what can I do about this?
cost to replace PCV value
How do i stop the moisture build up in the engine which i believe is causing the oil to leak from the motor threw the hose which is connected to the air filter ? The oil look like its mixed with a thick yellowish ooze...
How do i stop oil from getting in my air filter ? the oil is coming from the hose that is connected 2 the engine block leading 2 the air filter . For sum reason itz getting alot of moisture build up.
i can start,drive,and cut my car off but the key will not come out of ignition. whats da problem and how do i get it out?
I got engine check light in my dash board when I started the car in the morning while I didnt have it one night before. Afetr contacting the dealer workshop they have told me that I need to change the engine wiring an...
Te head ligths will go off when fist starting out. If I play with the dimmer switch they will come back on. But then they sometimes go back off again while driving