I am trying to figure out how to replace the driver side headlight

it has happened twice so far but I don't want to risk it happening more. is it the motor that is going out? could it be a fuse? Please help.

The car has been checked 4 different times and I'm told its just a matter of getting these sensors to reset, that nothing is wrong with the car. Do I need to drive over a certain mph for a particular amount of time or is it just a matter of the miles? Thanks for any insight!

most of the time it wont shift gear only goes to 30 and sometimes it wont even accelerate I already replaced both speed sensors and put in brand new oil and still does the same can somebody please help how to repair this

My headlight is fine, the wiring is bad to the socket.

GEAR when converted D walks status of L

gringling noise while ac on and belt tensioner assembly has no movement

Lever conversion from high to the low working