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I noticed it sputtering just a day before this started,well had a friend tell me it was the coilpacks,,so I replaced them along with the plugs ,,much needed they had the wrong type in and I had the car for 50000 miles...
I recently had an oil change and was told I had a an oil pan leak and a gasket may need to be changed.
When it comes on I lose speed and when I stop and pull out my car jerks
Both the driver and passenger front windows have fallen off the track and both both windows are slipping into the door panel.
Hi on my dash is saying the rear gete is open however it isnt . has anybody got any suggestions to fix it this.
knowing how difficult this problem is ... PCM the only place to fix it is by the makers them selves (dodge dealership?)
The blue lightenging bolt pops up a smoke of some sort started coming through the ac. Could it possibly be the fuel pump not geting gas?
Sorry for the bad spelling .....English itsn't my language....again thanks! Mercy P.d. I am not good with this tablet .
My car was more then a month park in my driveway. When I back I turn it on and nothing happen don't want to star, trying several times and finally start, battery is new, took it to the mechanic ans said you have to ta...
Just bought vehicle from dealership and noticed extremely low mileage per gallon of gas ( 7 mpg)Clearly this is NOT a good thing and needs correcting.. The question as posted on the main page states the question is ...
Just bought from dealership and getting less than 10 miles per gallon. What could be wrong?
This only happens some of the time. It seems like its picking up some kind of electric pulse of some sort and its strugling to stay at its desired brightness.
Throttle light came on ,once I turn off the car it went off again. After two days it came back on again.Now it stayed on till I got to work.
Dodge dealership says about $250. Seems high for one key
changed e brake cable, check the fluid level constantly? What next?
the headlights, tail lights, indicators, interior lights, hazards, and windshield wipers just quit working one day, (brake lights are fine). i don't know how long it will take to fix nor how much it should cost. any...
I had an oil change done and they did not place the plug in correctly which cause my oil light to come on and when it was in the shop they notice I was very low on oil. Now less than 5,000 I am being told I now need ...
We did get a hard rain but windows were up and rubbers are still
Engine is a 2.0 liter with 107k. has suddenly started to run rough at cold startup with a rattle from the top end of the engine. Both go away after a few seconds running.
When I turn the key the car sounds like it wants to start but wont fully turn over. The ETC light comes on as I am trying to start it. It did this earlier today and eventually started but now it is doing it again. ...