I have had my A/C looked at several times. They have charged the freon added dye and replaced a hose which none of these have solved the problem. The blower works fine and when they had the freon the AC does work great while in use for a couple of days. But, then it will start blowing just warm air again. I was told to take it to my local Dodge dealer that it could be a compressor problem. Help!!!! Teri what are your thoughts? Cost? Not technical at all when it comes to this.

Tried to pull off but couldn't move shaft out of park! Car is just stuck in someone else's driveway!

It would not turn over I hear the gas pump and it clicks like once or twice

The little white wheel that controls the airflow direction. Located to the left of the in cabin air filter. Can't find the actual rod that connects the mode knob to the wheel

I have oil in my car when I'm driving my oil light comes on

After I have wash the car the diver's door is unable to open even if the pin batern has been unlocked.

I had a tune up and new boots put in. Had transmission service, checked fuel injectors and fuel pump but the light continues to keep flashing, what could be wrong

My check engine light is flashing and brought it to a mechanic, changed the plugs, boots, filter etc. the check engine light is still flashing

My caliber needs a new door.
Let's say a second hand door is available from another caliber might be a different year model but still a caliber.
Is the second hand door able to fit my caliber?

After checking the overflow I squad the hoses to make the fluids flow. My check engine light went out, I drove it foir three days and now my check engine light is back on. Can you tell me what's wrong?

this doesnt occur when at normal speeds only at lower speeds. almost feels like a bump

Was told it might be my Alternator. It won't Start at all, I can't get it out of gear.

All 3 brake lights are not working, the car will not shift without manual over ride. We have checked everything replaced everything. Blues, brake light switch, tipm. Our mechanic doesn't know what's going on. Our dodge dealer is a waste of breath. All they wanna do is hook it up for 120 bucks with no answers. Need help, not be able to drive it in 9 months. Tia

The party says its normal for these. I say naw! Does the same in reverse and forward a definate loud clunk and jolt into gear. Are they known for bad transmissions?