Ford F-350 Super Duty Problem Report

Ford F-350 Super Duty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning cycle

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Software enhancements are available to remedy inconsistency and confusion about the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning cycle - “Regeneration” mode. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will need to be reprogrammed to add several enhancements, including a more reasonable driving experience during the cleaning cycle and instrument cluster notifications of the cleaning status.

have told dealer many times it smokes way too much... they keep tellin me to take on long drive to clean out regen... called today to tell them again about problem and she actually asked me , when is last time youve taken it for a long drive!!!! I didnt buy truck to haul camper across country, i bought to work.. now on top of smoking way to often, my mpg goes down weekly.. was getting 13.5-13.9 now reads 12.4 and nothing in my habits have changed... there is a def problem here and would love to find that memo from ford that asks thier sales ppl not to drive around in there diesel trucks due to smoke issues and this will look bad to future cust's.. I hope they stand up and help us out.. love the truck and it hauls fine , but please ford fix the regen problem befor I change brands.. been loyal for many years -
Ongoing problem with the Regen cycle and DPF cleaning cycle. Massive amounts of white smoke from the exhaust ever 50 to 100 miles. More noticeable in the fall and winter. It gets so bad that cars behind me on the highway get out of my lane. It's embarrassing to know how much I spent on the truck and how terrible this is. -
For most of the first year we had it, it ran great! Then, it started the Drive to Clean message. Dealer told us it had to be driven at highway speed and not to let it sit and idle. It is a work vehicle. This drive to clean issue continued and still does. If you're driving on the interstate, and the message comes on, if you don't keep driving (past your exit) until it goes off, it goes to reduced power, which is about 35mph. That seems pretty deadly on an interstate. I once drove it 90 minutes for it to go off and then it came back on a few minutes later. I cannot tell you how many days it sat at the dealer's service dept. where they supposedly did all they could to fix a problem that they constantly blamed on us. We tried to get a regional service rep to mediate a solution but they never would give us a contact number and you can't get it online. So, after the warranty period, they replaced filters and one of the radiators and another filter which ran us about $4000. It still regularly get the Drive to Clean message but the service dept can't help us anymore. We have always had Ford Trucks. But I don't plan on getting another one! -
The clean exhaust stayed on and now the check engine is on said DPF has to be replaced and it will be $2300...last FORD (POS) I buy!!!!! -
Regen cycle and "Exhaust FIlter Cleaning" is rediculous. Each and every day on the way to work, the MINUTE the engine gets to operating temp, the white smoke POURS out the exhaust. SO bad, that the people behind me back off or pull over. Gas mileage is about 12.5 MPG. Had it to dealer several times and they just tell me "The cycle takes what the cycle takes". When I get a ticket due to the smoke, I'll bring it to my dealer to have them pay it. Diesel engines have been around forever. It is stated that the exhuast from a diesel is cleaner than that of a gas engine. There is NO ONE that will convince me of that in THIS case. FORD messed up. They need to figure out a way to make this right. I am exploring the potential of having the exhaust replaced and to have the CEM updated accordingly. -
I drove for 30 minutes and the truck said to pull over to a safe area and as i was doing it shut off i went to sun rise ford they replacet the exhuast temp sensor i came home and park for a week on saturday i drove for 30 minutes and it hapend the same thing l love the truck but this is no good -
Truck shut downs and check lite comes on dealer says its a censor so they replace two censors $340 -
Smoke issue ford don't want to do anything about it I would just like to solve it I like my truck -
Truck shuts down after drive to clean -
On a trip from Colorado to Texas on the return trip the regen light stayed on from Raton, NM to Fountain, Colorado. Taken to Dealer and was told nothing was wrong. The truck swallowed a full tank of fuel in 128 miles.Which was about 3 mpg. -
I've been dealing with this from day one. This is my work truck that I drive almost exclusively in the city and i can't tell you how many times I've driven down a street while it's in it's regen mode and had my exhaust fill the streets with a cloud of smoke that is so bad you'd think the neighborhood was on fire. Most of the time the only way to clear the system is too drive 20 minutes in one direction (usually on the highway) without stopping. That's almost an hour of added time I don't have to spare and a fuel consumption no one should have to incur. I bought this as a work truck but feel..... it's working me! -
Same as all the other ones -
Every day the exhaust fluid cleaning prompt appears on my screen, sometimes two and three times. I have had it in to the dealer four times now, and the last time they told me it was fixed for sure. The next day it happened again. I am sick of it as it ruins my mileage. I am going in for number five at the dealer, I think that Ford needs to address this problem as I have a hard time believing they don't know about it. -
Drive to exhaust message on all the time.Truck seems to be running OK. Only noticed grey smoke once for a mile or so with current problem. Ford will not sell another vehicle to me as this truck has had quite a few issues since I bought it new. -
noticed ive been loseing miles per gallon on my fuel went from 17.6 to 18 around town to 13.2 not to happy and had the truck back to dealer for dpf recall. -
Since having the software upgrade done at the dealer for the cleaning cycle, vehicle won't stop cleaning the exhaust filter. -
Cleaning cycle continues. Left me stranded 2 times and exhaust sensors default. Even after program updates and replacement of sensors. When pulling 31 foot 5th wheel cleaning cycle continues and wrench appears on dash. -
No smoke, but smell in cabin stronger smell when in regen mode, shut off at random, stayed locked for an hour started right up later drove home, keeps prompting drive to clean exhaust, been drivin easy in town lettin it run a bit while parked, do 60 miles a day highway during work week , taking it to mossy ford tomorrow I'll keep updating my progress -
Has left me strained 3 times. -
I have the same problem, although I purchased an Edge CTS Chip for the truck. One of the items I monitor on screen is the "passive" regeneration. Passive Regen does not show up on your dash screen so you don't know the vehicle is actually trying to cycle through. It takes 20min, for the passive regen, and my EGT's run very high while my mileage goes down. If I run the 20 minute cycle until complete I don't hardly ever have the Active4 Regeneration that is pouring out all the white smoke, and intense decrease in power. I hit passive regen every 120 miles or so and will take the extra time to let the cycle complete. I understand Bully Dog Chip has a program that will allow you to instigate a regen - this would be great to tell it when to kick in if you know you are going to be driving for 20 minutes or so on the highway. Also to be able to regen BEFORE I start trying to climb a mountain range with my trailer and the truck hits regen. Convinced my husband I wanted Ford - never again. -
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