Dashboard Lights on 2001 Chrysler Voyager

My dashboard lights (instrument panel lights) do Not work. I cannot see at night: speed, gas level etc. The fuses/switches work. All of my other interior lights work. My external lights work. Can you please tell me how much it is going to fix the problem?

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The first thing that I would check is the dash illumination switch to make sure that it has not been turned off or down low by accident. It is hard to say what it will take to fix your car until the problem is diagnosed.
checked that already and the lights are still not working. is there a fuse needs to be replaced? I found the IPM under the hood and there is no fuse that has to do with dashboards lights. Is there another fuse box somewhere? Ive looked everywhere.
If your vehicle is anything like mine, you will find another fuse box on the passanger side dash (can only access it when the passanger side door is open).