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It cuts off and then starts right back up. It does this only when iam making a turn (right or left)
After jumping my van, my son accidentally touch the positive negative jumper while still connected to the van.. Now don't want to start.. I think it shorted the battery
how do I change heater core
I filled up my gas tank the other day and it moved to above full and now ut hasn't moved. I've driven nearly driven 75 miles in town. What should I look into?
All lights will flicker or sometimes turn completely off at night.
when is cold works fine but while when oil starts getting hotter start failing to engage gear back or foward till the point that goes to nowhere. also the check enging turns on
put on new power steering pump and new belt took off ground cable now it wont crank
Put on a new power brake pump and new belt now it won't crank
Tried recalabrating control and it still blowing out hot air on Passenger side
Will not start without a jump, why? All parts have been replaced, including PCM. Throttle body has been cleaned, still won't idle. ? Dies when the foot lets of accelerator. Only the alternator has not been replaced.
I was driving at the time and suddenly lost oil pressure and the car would not start after that.
The day I went to test drive itDied and they said it needed a new battery I went and purchased a new battery and it started in a few days later it would die and act like your starter is messed up.If you want the start...
batt are all good-timing belt and water pump are good-turns over slow-wont crank-new plugs-could it be a sensor or the computer
ive changed the spark plugs and the coil pack think i had a spark problem it ran good for a few day but now its flooded out again and the it flooded out so bad the last time i had to change the oil cause there was a g...
when i slow down or brake i have this nise in my wheel. also when i turn my wheel to the left
I was told the alternator was knackered so have bought new one and fitted it but lights still pulse. I think I need to replace the regulator but don't know where it is or where i get one
Brakes are only 20,000 old, almost all highway. Car is 2001 Chy minivan
I checked fuses and switched out some relays, but no luck. The blower still works. The light on all those buttons (on the dash) don't come on anymore. Anyone have any ideas?
Lights dim and flicker and go off while driving down hiway at night.