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Toyota Solara Cracks in dashboard

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My dashboard is literally falling apart. I am getting ready to start a class action law suit. If you are interested in joining me, please reply. -
I would like to join a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. My car currently has about 45,000 after almost 8 years of use. The cracking started after 4 years! I had no idea there were others out there like me. -
dashboard is cracking and disintegrating. The dealer didn't want to help, told me to call 1-800-GO-TOYOTA, which I did, they were useless and told be to go through the dealer. Due to many reports of this issue in many of their models, there is clearly a defect in the material used and Toyota is not standing by their product. I am going to attempt to go through the attorney general's office. -
Cracks all over dashboard. Dealers would do nothing. Went to California headquarters via telephone and after repeated demands that this may be a silent recall issue they finally paid for 80% of the fix. Keep pushing your complaint up the ladder and they will do something. -
My car developed these cracks along the top and sides of the dashboard and the panel under the glovebox. It's also very gummy to the touch. I recently had to bring my car in to the dealership for a recall on the crankshaft pully. I asked about the dashboard and the service manager said sometimes Toyota will give the parts as an act of goodwill but I would need to pay the installation. I have been since informed that my car is to old (2005) and Toyota declined the goodwill request. Cot to repalace is $2,000.00 -
Same as everyone help from Toyota...willing to be part of a class action suite... -
Same problem as everyone else has described. Gummy feeling started first on the gear shift when the material became worn. Second location where this occurred was on the driver side door where my elbow and forearm sat (when the window wasn't down and my arm was up there). Third location was when the passenger side dashboard cracks began to appear above the glove box. So far there are probably between 5 and 10 cracks. I'm guessing this will just continue to get worse. -
I to have a problem with my dashboard. It is cracked from above the steering wheel across and around the radio and over to the other side. The worst area is above the glove box. It looks like a spider web. When I took my car to the dealers they said it was because I used armor all which I have never used. Then I was told it would cost me $1100 dollars for a new one and that it didn't include labor.This all started at 44,000 miles. -
sucks and would like to sue toyota -
Long cracks along front Dash. Not caused by sun damage. Looks like a material defect. -
Cracks in dashboard and leather trim above glove box and radio. Car always garaged.I would like to be part of a class action lawsuit Dan 860-659-0624. -
Dashboard needs to be replaced due mto múltiple cracks -
Cracks along dashboard over panel lights. It started about 4 years ago......tiny hairline cracks that got wider and longer. I would be very willing to be a part of a class action lawsuit regarding this problem. -
severe cracks on the dash board, no repairs yet completed. -
My dashboard started puf using wet oily sups tante in summer 2014 ,I'll be calling this week ft myers Toyota and see what they say tomorrow now it's has at list 4 cracks. The intersting thing is it stays in garage and no weather, or direct sun, rain hits it!!!! -
Over a period of time I have noticed the dashboard being sticky and soft. Last week a crack appeared -
Sticky, cracked up dash, cracking panel above glovebox...very poor quality material. -
Entire Dash is cracking. Car is stored in temp controlled garage and the problem has occured the entire dash. -
Cracks in dash and gummy texture of dash in areas receiving full sun. -
Cracks all over dash. Toyota won't fix this obvious manufacture's defect. I'm prepared to join a class action suit. -
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