Cost to replace gear shift on 2002 Ford Explorer

Gear shift stops before going into park. I have to work the gear shift a little to get it to up to park. I was told that it would cost $1200 dollars to replace.

by in Sherwood, TN on April 11, 2009
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ANSWER by , April 29, 2009
TSB 04-22-12 11/15/04 GEAR SELECTOR LEVER - INCREASED EFFORT TO SHIFT FROM DRIVE TO PARK FORD: 2002-2005 Explorer MERCURY: 2002-2005 Mountaineer ISSUE Some 2002-2005 Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer vehicles, may require a greater effort to move the gear selector lever (shift lever) from drive to park. This may be due to a time delay with the brake shift interlock (BSI) pin retraction. ACTION To service, replace the BSI switch. Refer to the following Service Procedure. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove the two (2) fasteners supporting the instrument panel knee bolster from below the steering column and remove the cover (Figure 1). 2. Remove the three (3) fasteners supporting the steering column lower shroud and remove the cover (Figure 2). 3. Remove the three (3) wiring bundle carrier fasteners from the bottom of the steering column to allow movement while removing the BSI switch. It may be necessary to release the connectors from the multifunction switch (Figure 3). 4. Remove the BSI fasteners (1-30 on the side and 1-20 on the bottom) (Figure 4). 5. Pull the BSI tab on the bottom of the column downward to help free the BSI from the column housing. 6. Break the two (2) side tabs off the BSI by the white wiring connector (Figure 5). 7. Push the locking tab on the white connector towards the wiring to release the connector from the BSI. Be careful not to damage the connector or wiring. If the connector does not free easily, a very small flat screwdriver may be used to help lift the locking tab (Figure 6). 8. Connect the wiring to the new BSI. Ensure all clips are fully engaged to prevent the connector from pulling free. 9. Reinstall the BSI onto the steering column and reinstall fasteners (Figure 7). 10. Check BSI function. With the key in the accessories or run position, press the brake pedal. The BSI pin should retract on brake application, and spring up one (1) second after releasing the brake pedal. Repeat several times. 11. Reinstall fasteners to connect wiring bundle carrier to the steering column. Make sure all connections to the multifunction switch unit are secured properly. 12. Reassemble steering column in reverse order. Ensure rubber gap hider around shift lever is properly seated on the shroud. 13. Cycle the shift lever from park to drive and drive back to park several times to verify improved shift effort. Parts Block WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME 042212A Replace The Brake Shift 0.5 Hr. Interlock Switch (BSI) DEALER CODING CONDITION BASIC PART NO. CODE 3F770 42
ANSWER by , February 08, 2011
it is not that expensive=, i have tthe same vehicle but my gear shift broke off from the steering column. the only issue is to find the piece, i went to a junk yard i got that same piece for 40 bucks and installer charged me $200 to do the job. i think it was good deal
COMMENT by , July 29, 2011
Where did you get this great deal?!?!?!