The code P0442 CAME UP. I would like to know if it's an easy self fix or do I need a mechanic?

So my 99 voyager wont start. It cranks over just fine, but wont start. And when it cranks over there is a knock in the motor. Any answers or ideas?

Looking for lock code for my 2000 Crysler Voyge.
Car wont start as it is locked and red fight informing me code lock is on :(
I can not find out how to unlock it as I did not think i turned it on :( Hhhheeelllppp please :)

Van only shuts off when I come to a stop

How do u know when ur fuel pump is going bad? My van died going down the highway, turns over with fire but no fuel to the motor

It cuts off and then starts right back up. It does this only when iam making a turn (right or left)

how do I change heater core

when is cold works fine but while when oil starts getting hotter start failing to engage gear back or foward till the point that goes to nowhere. also the check enging turns on

Comes on but its still over heating. Anyone know why?

Tried recalabrating control and it still blowing out hot air on
Passenger side

The day I went to test drive itDied and they said it needed a new battery I went and purchased a new battery and it started in a few days later it would die and act like your starter is messed up.If you want the starter it was a Bentley catch and start.Then the transmission started acting out and it would only go about 10 miles an hour after I drop it like that for a while I noticed if you let off the acceleratorBeen slowly accelerate it would eventually catch up with the transmission and it would ship still not going over 50 miles per hour.Check it to a garage they said catalytic converter was clogged up in the exhaust was unable to Exit.Now it seems to use oil and get the exhaust fumes inside vehicle