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the abs and brake light will come on and the speedometer needle will bounce around and the brakes will feel like they engage. all happens in less than a second.
continously putting coolant in. was told it may be water outlet.
The trunk opens and the top starts to go down but stops about a foot up from the windshield and you can hear the motor running trying to go down. A dealership said that it is the luggage tray panel but that is not wha...
How do you repair the window on the drivers side if it won't go up or down?
My blinkers, my head light functions, and my windshield wipers went and no one can tell me what the problems is.It just went out about three days ago. I've only had the car five months and this is the first it has hap...
my battery died - had to move the car to get a jump start - how do I move the gear into neutral so it can be moved? most cars have a tiny box near gear shift - couldn't find anything like that in the sebring.
I have had three oil changes since the light came on.
Can Auto Zone Put my car on their machine and tell me what is wrong? Maybe if its just the sensor.
just went on yesterday...
Can I do it on my own? The engine is a 2.4L and if I take it to a shop will it cost moor if it's a side engine? It is making noises by my waterpump it is not runing hot it just started making noises.