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it is filled with right amount of freon, no leaks, it does not cool at any time. engine and running parts are fine.
new master cylinder ,pressure bleed still no brakes
new master cylinder , pressure bleed still no brakes
It has the 2.7l engine, when first driving the car no oil light, no noises or anything, but after the car warms up and I come to a stop the oil light flickers then comes on.
Neither the front driver side or passenger side door handles will work on this 4 door car. It looks like the door handle rod may also be broken. Is it possible to fix the door handle rod? If so - how do I know what pa...
All replaced items are computer, egr valve, full tune up, rotor, valve cover gaskets. Check engine light comes on after 17.5 miles saying it is misfiring but it is not. Car has 60,000 miles. Also the transmission has...
It jerks while driving, sometimes won't go over 70mph, and smoke is coming out of the tailpipe
dashreads top down in progress I hear a switch click in rear driver panel an a hum in trunk but top or trunk lid never moves.....
Engine will Stall it will restart sometimes and idle rough and will diesel out & die no power at all. Replaced CPS, TPS Idle air motor. car is getting gas & spark can get it to start for a second it idles up just fin...
Took to a shop and they could only get into the system for 10 minutes before they were locked out again, has been there for a month and they do not know how to reset the module.
purchased the car new brakes have not been replaced. But don't know if it's the front or back brakes.
where is the thermostat located in my chrysler sebring 2004 touring
The engine won't start after a thorough engine wash. It worked for 5 minutes or so then stopped. What could be the problem? Please, give me an advice. Thank you.
Starts idles good,will not rev over 2200 rpm.
Im bleeding the air from coolant system but it just keeps coming out (air) how long dies it take to usually bleed it? When will I know its finished and all the air is out?
My car was overheating do I replaced the thermosrat and heat sensor. How do I test to make sure its working properly?