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purchased the car new brakes have not been replaced. But don't know if it's the front or back brakes.
When my top goes up it doesn't do the final lock in at the top of the windshield.
everything else works, dimmer to the radio and mileage reader ect...just the back light to the speedometer and gauges. I have disconnected battery cable and checked the #10 fuse. please help... and thank you in advance
It happens only when its 50 degrees or warmer outside and when I'm stopped at lights.
seems like there is a lot of noise when hitting bumps, just had new rear struts installed the rest of suspension was check could it be the tires the size is correct could a softer rubber compound help
While driving I have no tail lights. Brake lights and hazards and blinkers work fine. Changes bulbs checked connections in lenses checked fuses. I have brought the car to 5 different shops and no one can even tell me ...
I did check the oil, it was a bit low and I added oil. I am going to get an oil change this weekend. I had an oil/filter change 5k miles ago. The dealership and the manual suggest the oil be changed every 6k miles. I...