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Will add DOT 3 fluid, but could it also be the fuse? Where is that located? Can not find my Seabring book

Suggestions would help ,it's like the electrical system has a loose wire but traced every possible connection including fuses,relays&modules
I'm stuck & about to call it quits .help me somebody,its a 2007crysler sebring4cyl

My car wasn't shifting from 2nd gear so the mechanic said that it was the ECM and he replaced it... I think the price he gave me is unfair. Now Im trying to see if its too much or average

Their water leaking inside the car.

and locked up like its in park gear shift moves and engine runs but wont go into gear what could it be

driving down street the car started bucking, then we heard a high pitch squeealing noise, car lost power for a few mins then started again then a light came on with code for electronic throttle control. What is this? and how hard to change and approx. cost?

is it a sensor issue

Hubby can take time to fix it, if possible. What will parts cost & what new parts are needed?

repair cost? thank you