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Ive replaced plugs/wires/and crankshaft solenoid added better grade of gas/problem still there can you help me.just perchesed the car from dealer/as is HELP.
I changed thermostat, them had the water pump and timing belt replaced. But now it's leaking after it warms up. Seems to be dripping under where water pump went into engine. Fenderwel is in the way, so I cannot see. I...
When I stop I have to restart my car so it goes back into gear. It has no problem in reverse. When I can get it to 30mph it don't come out of gear & will run fine
I know how to replace motor , but not the 2 lifters. Thanks.
car is being driven in city stop/go traffic for 1 to 3 hours then it wont start again till it cools down. No check engine light,never overheats.Just wont start, turns over but sounds like its not getting any gas.Repla...
When I open door with remote, horn starts blowing and tries to put a drain on the battery. Tried leaving door unlocked, but same thing happens. I'm disturbing my neighbors
I replaced both in & out sensors, still not working. All other instruments work. It checked OK when I ran analysis by holding odometer reset button while turning key from off to run.
Can't shift
already changed the coil pack
Temp gauge looks normal, and heat blows when car is moving. Coolant level is good. Looking for the thermostat I found a weird piece on top of engine called a coolant outlet housing, has a bleeder valve on top. Tried t...