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My car got hit on the right side and it pushed everything back. Can I get an estimate

My check engine light is on , my car started jerking when I try to go 65 mph , I went to autozone the pulled a code P0016 , I have bought and replaced the cam shaft and the crankshaft sensors on my car when I drive it around go to a red light to stop the light turns green, I hit my accelerator to give it gas to go then it starts jerking I have to constantly pull over to the side of the road I had to drive at 55 on a 70 mph highway in order to get my vehicles home on yesterday, my car is full of gas , the transmission oil and regular oil have been changed; so what's my problem I even thought that it was the fuel pump but I priced it and that's $150. Could it be another sensor but where??

I was driving a few days ago and when I stopped at stop sign my low fuel bell would sound and gas gauge went don to e then up to f real fast and stopped at half. (Half was correct) then the indicator lights that tell you what gear you are in would flash real fast. Then all at once the anti skid light came on as did the air bag and ABS lights did the same. The transmission felt like it was slipping when I took off until I gained a little speed. Took off neg battery cable for about 2 hrs and when I reconnected cable and drove car, the problems were gone. But no my radio does not work, the blower motor does not come on, no dome light and no power locks. I have to manually lock and unlock doors and trunk. What is going on?

back over a curb and accordioned the exhaust, it is even rubbing up against the frame.

The car stalled and we tried to start it and it would crank but not start. Replaced the cam shaft positioning sensor and it still doesn't start. What else could it be?

Car is not over heating...

I had my cell charging and when I unplug it the hold thing came out and 5he part with the wires when onside the hold. I open the side panel got it back together but not sure if I connected the wires in the right place so it's still not working

I was driving my 06 Chrysler sebring and suddenly I heard a clunk and then would not shift out of first gear so i pulled over and shut it off then it would not start only click like the battery is dead i was wondering if someone could tell me what this could be. And cost on fixing i have a powertrain limited warranty would this,cover

it has been doing it for about a week now. ive had the oil changed.

Car now has a red light on lower left side of dash that will start but then shuts down

driving home today my charging system light came on. My car started reve up like I was stuck in a gear. Also, my lights started and dim. What is wrong with my car?

Driving tonight my charger system light came on and my car felt like I was losing power and sounded like I was stuck in a gear what could be wrong?

'm a new owner of chrysler sebring 2006. I just want to now guys if you could help me, cause there is a time when My car is running 80mph and above there is a sounds like when you put some plastic bottle on the wheelof bikecycle. sounds like that and when my car runs only 40-70 there is no sounds, and i check my Mud guard because maybe my wheel hitting on it but when i check it, it's still ok no sign of tire that hitting on them. thats why i can't verify the problem. Can you help me please thankyou very much.