I am trying to narrow the search to see where my oil leak is

it may last a couple days or weeks this is a 20 amp. that operates power recp, horns ign. fuel, start

I need to replace the engine and want to know if I can go with a different year model engine

aaa came tested battery it was good but the altenator holds 1000 with lights and air on. an with off 1100

Check engine light on, car started stalling, sputtering, but did not totally die out, still starts. Only happened today one time.

When you give it accelerate hard. It shifts fine

removed center panel with climate controls, all seems operational, does same with ducts are blccked

Is there a recall for this problem if so where do i go and what do i do to get it taken care of or if its something i need to fix what do i fix. It jerks whether im driving fast or slow it slow at changing gears and when it does its hard im frustrated

I put it on a slow charge all night and nothing, this usually works. Put new breaks in last week. A new alternator 2 weeks ago. Ran great after that. Only other thing was the trani cap was left off over night. Happened in Andrew,Alberta, Canada. This is the first time this has happened. Can't get codes without power. If there was power u can "0" the odometers and turn key back and forth a few times and the code will come up where the odometer reading usually is.

I have an oil leak in timing cover gasket. Is it hard to replace?

I charged the battery it was fully dead but it still wont turn over. The lights work but it wont turn over

Few days ago my car has a problem where I was driving home and the radio shut off and the dashboard wasmt lighting up fully,l. When I got home I decided to go get it checked and found out it wouldn't start, it would spark and all, but it wouldn't go any where past that step, and has it jumped. The auto place thought it might be alternator but weren't sure, and since the jump, battery and car are just fine except now the car doesn't shift gears at times, and when I stop the dash reads I'm going 15 and I can feel the car shift gears hard. I checked my fluid levels and all are where they need to be but can't figure out if this is fuse related or more.