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Starts idles good,will not rev over 2200 rpm.
i have been getting my car fixed for like 2 weeks n the person thats fixing it was saying it was my fuel pump now he said when he put the computer on it its giving him numbers so he thinks its my computer
I bought the car used in 2008 and within a month had to have rear drivers side motor replaced. Last year had the regulator for the drivers window changed. Now the other two are acting up -- hate the idea of spending a...
I have a 2005 Sebring 2.4 dohc . Won’t start . I changed the CKP and Cmp and plugs. I have about 120 k on car. I check Fuel line. I have pressure Timing belt looks good. Any ideas I’m lost at this point
My 2005 sebring sedan has all the switches off for the lights, and the key is off and out of ignition. The oil light stays on and the odometer lights stay on (showing P R N D 2 1 with boxes around it). the car has pow...
My tires are bald in a week. When my car is parked, the wheels are not straight, and it pulls to the side when i have the steering wheel straight.
I hooked up my verdict and it told me it was the Key. The car started and ran for about 2min.then quit. It would not turn over and it is not drawing a lot of juice from the battery.
None of the four windows will operate. Not by individual control or by drivers control. Moon roof works fine. For about two days, they would work then not work. Now, nothing. Luckily, they were in the up position. Bef...
After having the head gasket fixed at a shop, we now have no heat. We have replaced the thermostat, water pump, and heater core. Seems the heater core is not getting any water flow any idea what the problem could be?
I've cleaned out the trunk but the rattle is only getting worse. it sounds like metal on metal, or tools rattling around. I've had blown springs on previous cars but this sounds different.