and wonder how to change the BATTERY, do i have to take the wheel off?? regards, Frank

Car is overheating when the heat is turned off? Antifreeze that is currently in reserve tank isn't going to the radiator

high pitched humming noise going the speed of 50-70. when i let off the gas it stops then i push on the gas again and it starts . what could this be?

While I was driving home the car was making a very loud high pitched humming noice for about a half mile then stopped.

There is a weird burnt smell coming out of the heater. Smells like electric burning

its an automatic

White smoke is coming from under the hood like it's overheating but the temp gauge never moves. Refilled the coolant but it's still doing it the same thing. Possible causes and ways to fix them.

how to change the water pump on a 2.7 v6

Someone tried to steal my car and the ignition was out. My friend popped it back in and attempted to crank it. It crank a few times but wouldn't stay cranked. Now it won't crank at all. I'm not sure why and have no idea where to start.

When I crank my car it starts however, if i do not have my foot on the gas, it dies. I will put it into reverse and drive afterwards and I have to do so quickly and press on the gas fast for it to stay on and not die as well. If I stop it dies and i can restart it right away. Seems that once it warms up it stops with the problem. I had the battery checked and it was good. I replaced the alternator and however, that helped a little, it is still doing the same thing. They also but the belt on too tight bc now it screaches for the first 10 seconds of driving at times. Any ideas of what this could be? Someone mentioned to me spark plugs?

Also, another problem (not sure if its minor or major but i noticed it) when Im driving it throttles if i dont go up to the 2RPM mark. Ive just kind of dealt with that.

Its a 2 door, 160k miles. It is an automatic. This problem just started about 2 weeks ago when it got cold outside as well.

they say its because I just replaced my Battery and the Computer needs to reset but could take up to 500 miles before it will reset

After starting engine i get a lot of blue smoke for a couple of minutes. It smells like oil. After it warms up it goes away completely. It doesn't run hot or use an excessive amount of oil, though I have to add a little occasionally. What might be going on? Would a change of oil help? I believe 5w20 is recommended.