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Won't start with camshaft sensor plugged in. Has need replacing ed with new harnes
when i bought the car it ran great but would stumble badly during any hard acceleration. i noticed camshaft sensor was not plugged in. When i plugged it in it would not start at all. it would always crank a lot before...
I checked to make sure the fan was getting a connection and it is. But fan still not working.
Floor when I got into my car. I was told I was goin to need a new steering coloum and to get the new key reprogrammed. I also can't get it to stay on unless it is connected to jumper cables. Can someone please please...
when I turn the key over sometimes it starts right up and sometimes it takes a little while but now it hasn't started in three days someone told me that it could have something to do with the ignition
To high of carbon but my check engine light wasn't even on can you please help
water pump was changed 30 days ago.i cant see the leak from under the hood.
i cant see the leak from under the hood.the water is leaking from the back part of the right front tire.
this just started.its leaking pretty bad.i cant see the leak from the top of the motor.
When driving In traffic or should I say not driving in traffic does my thermostat reach half & my car start clicking and my antifreeze box start smoking and my oil like will blink but I have both antifreeze and oil in...
The car is a North American computer P04896810AB and the car would be a European computer P04606811AC. The car is in Finland. How much is the charge voltage should be. Bug report gives imformation too low voltage. The...
Continued from the previous issue. The car has a North Amer robotics type of computer, and your car would be a European computer. The car is in Finland.
Yes the car seems to be a computer error. In some line does not pass through the voltage. perhaps the charger, how much power to give the car running? I have looked at the grounding system connectors and sensors. fail...
Yes i chage fuel pump and that not help this code P1495. Chanching EGR, Throtle body. What i have to do put my hands up to sky ?