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Can't change from park to any other gear

Pedle after a couple seconds then it run only 40 miles per hour.

had head gasket done, he did not replace water pump now a month later I have to do that with another 600$ in labor because he didnt do it to begin with.

I need to know how many hours (average) it would take to remove my 4 cylinder/automatic engine.
I would also like the average labor cost per hour. Can any one help me?

it started knocking , It died while driving it, was only going 15mph when it died. No fluid leaks, didn't get hot, and I didn't try starting it afterwards either. I called triple AAA they towed it . Took a compression test right before driving it and all cylinders were 200. A shop is trying to tell me that after it died, now all cylinders are at 20, 40 and all of them are bad! I find this hard to believe! I need to know what an average cost to pull an engine is!

I need the labor hours and cost to remove my engine
2.4 sohc automatic 4 cylinder

so my 2004 chrysler sebring sedan 2.4 has had some problems all of wich i fixed. Then its started dying out while driving if i went to slow. I had a friend help jump it then my belt snapped attached to my alternator. So i went and got a new one. It makes alot of noise with the belt on and it did with the old one as well. I put the new belt on and it seemd like the car was struggling to keep running. Then it died again and had to park it. I went and got a new battery and put it in. Now it wont fully turn over. I turn the key and it sits there and sounds like its trying to start but sounds like it doesnt have enough juice to push all the way. lights and everything work fine though. I cant figure out whats going on and a mechanic said it might be the starter. Can anyone help.