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After starting engine i get a lot of blue smoke for a couple of minutes. It smells like oil. After it warms up it goes away completely. It doesn't run hot or use an excessive amount of oil, though I have to add a l...
I bought a 04 Chrysler Sebring about a week ago. Two days later I started having to pump the gas in the morning and when its cold to get it to start. Sometimes when I'm driving it, it starts bogging but other times it...
replaced starter and battery and relay cleaned all connections
They said if they changed it all it would ruin my tranny, so they drained a little was that the right thing to do?
Won't start with camshaft sensor plugged in. Has need replacing ed with new harnes
when i bought the car it ran great but would stumble badly during any hard acceleration. i noticed camshaft sensor was not plugged in. When i plugged it in it would not start at all. it would always crank a lot before...
I checked to make sure the fan was getting a connection and it is. But fan still not working.