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I need to know how many hours (average) it would take to remove my 4 cylinder/automatic engine. I would also like the average labor cost per hour. Can any one help me?
it started knocking , It died while driving it, was only going 15mph when it died. No fluid leaks, didn't get hot, and I didn't try starting it afterwards either. I called triple AAA they towed it . Took a compression...
I need the labor hours and cost to remove my engine 2.4 sohc automatic 4 cylinder
so my 2004 chrysler sebring sedan 2.4 has had some problems all of wich i fixed. Then its started dying out while driving if i went to slow. I had a friend help jump it then my belt snapped attached to my alternator....
Two weeks ago at a mechanics garage and indicating BUS code on the dashboard
when i go to start car it keeps blowing 20 amp fuse under hood labeled "starter/fuel. It ran for 2 days then keeps blowing fuses
and wonder how to change the BATTERY, do i have to take the wheel off?? regards, Frank
Car is overheating when the heat is turned off? Antifreeze that is currently in reserve tank isn't going to the radiator
high pitched humming noise going the speed of 50-70. when i let off the gas it stops then i push on the gas again and it starts . what could this be?
While I was driving home the car was making a very loud high pitched humming noice for about a half mile then stopped. There is a weird burnt smell coming out of the heater. Smells like electric burning
White smoke is coming from under the hood like it's overheating but the temp gauge never moves. Refilled the coolant but it's still doing it the same thing. Possible causes and ways to fix them.
how to change the water pump on a 2.7 v6
Someone tried to steal my car and the ignition was out. My friend popped it back in and attempted to crank it. It crank a few times but wouldn't stay cranked. Now it won't crank at all. I'm not sure why and have no id...