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where is oil pressure switch located Light used to come on at idle but now stays on all the time
My OBD II code PO135 02 Sensor heater circuit bank 1, Sensor 1 is showing up. Do you know which sensor this is? I have been told it's he o2 sensor but I cant confirm any help is appreciated. Thank you.
im getting a clicking noise when i steep on th brakes.
back window separated from vinyl also window is loose on one side
The driver's side heated seat doesn't work. The dial lights up, but the seat doesn't heat up. How can I fix it?
The heater will not blow on the floor. You can hear it blowing, but nothing is coming out. It works on every other setting. How can I fix it???
Hello, I have a 04 Chrysler Sebring, 6 cyl. About 6 months ago, when starting my car for the first time of the day, I started to notice a noise (not loud), the best description of this noise is a grumbling sound. At...
Can I replace my flex fuel pump with a non flex fuel pump on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan
what causes car to idle high and jerk forward with foot on brake when stop and/or slowing down
I have a loud noise coming from somewhere in my car. It doesn't do it all the time but it sounds like a very loud squeeking noise. I can here it when I go slowly and also at times when I turn and or brake. Two mechani...
I was quoted $550.00 to replace the coolant housing, oxygen sensor and the engine light diagnostic test.Is that high? This is through a regular shop, not a dealer.
Did not repairing my coolant housing for several months cause my oxygen sensor to go bad?
Clattering sound like a box of rocks thrown into the engine. used to be sporadic and only on really cold mornings but this summer it does it in the afternoon and mornings and I am in Houston 100 Degrees. Goes away af...
How do you get to the inside bolt to remove and replace the coolant air bleeder? If you have to raise up the intake manifold, do you have to replace the gaskets?