my vehicle idles down to 50 rpms and wants to cut off when at stop sign it doesnt , when i drive off the car gets to 30 mphs and want go any faster ,then all of sudden it will take off and start to go faster

asc light is blinking

2004 Sebring Limited Convert, 2.7 V-6 Auto, 75k mi failed CA smog, no engine light on at time of Smog Failure, Failure was @15rpm, No (PPM) Max 424 Measured 647. Since about a month after SMOG failure engine stays on, no other noticeable problems with this one owner vehicle. Sacramento mechanic estimate for dignosis was $264 for labor and now wants additional $102 for labor cost to install catalytic converter for $275.00 This same mechanic in 09/10 charged me $1,635 in labor cost to R&R Cylinder Heads with a value job plus parts cost me $2,600. Do the labor charges for the cat work seem excessive for Northern California. The old saying, "Shame on you if you fool me once, and shame on me if you fool me twice" Anxious to know your thoughts. Thanks

How much does it cost to replace the battery on the sebring if I already have a new battery

I need to replace this motor. How much labor and money will this cost. It has a 3.0L

My car engine stays on after i turn the ignition off. this causes the battrey to die. what's wrong?

worried about cost v quality

I recently had my brake fluid flushed and was charged $99($35 for parts & $64 for labor) and the power steering fluid exchanged for $120($75 for parts and $45 for labor).I was informed that since the fluids had never been changed that they degrade and should be changed.Was I correctly advised? Was I fairly charged? Please advise. Thanks, Louis

I have an oil leak and my dash oil light comes on as I brake to a stop. The engine oil is full and I do not hear any engine noise with the light on. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and approximate cost of a repair.

The car alarm is causing the battery to drain down. How do i disconnect the alarm?

where is the plug in port for this car

My battery dies when i tighten the bolt on the negative cable. Triggers the alarm also.

For some reason my car alarm keeps coming on even when i have'nt activated it. it causes the battery to die. Battery has been charged, but i still have the problem. what could be drawing the battery down?

How do you replace the tail light in a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Coupe? Do you pull off the light lens, or do you replace the light by turning the socket our from inside the trunk?

when do the timing belt and radiator hoses need to be replaced before I have a problem.