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coolant boiling over in recovery tank. replaced thermostat, drained all air, ran gas test in coolant. negative results for cracked head or blown gasket replaced radiator. whats next water pump.
Back again, used gas tester in coolant. negative results. Is it possible to have a problem with water pump, impeller.
Back again. coolant in recovery tank boiling over. replaced thermostat,drained all air, tested system for blown head gasket, cracked head. tested negative. replaced radiator.whats next.
The coolant in the recovery tank is boiling and steaming. I replaced the thermostat, drained all the air out of the system. replaced radiator. still have the problem, whats next.
I am having problems with my 2004 Chrsyler Sebring, off and on for the first 2-3 months and now for the last 1-2 months just about every day (since I began having it worked on). The problem...It will usually start fin...
i replaced thermostat, and collant in recovery tank boils over
i'm trying to change the thermostat and i can't get at the last bolt. don't tell me i have to start taking things apart just to get to this bolr
In 3/10 my transmission filter kit was replaced because of a leak at a cost of $175. For the past few weeks,I am seeing the same transmission leak (small leak) as before from the same area.Is there a TSB on this probl...
The engine rumbles like a desil truck when vehicle has been placed in park position. I was told i have an exhaust leak, how much is that going to run me?
my passenger floor carpet is wet and have determined it must be from clogged a/c line ... as it only gets wet when running a/c... where is this hose or plug
My sebring is a convertible and had to have the above replaced. Is this different from the door regulator? They said the right is also ready to go. I only have 52,000 miles on this car. Why was I charged double for la...
I have been diagnosed at several auto shops that I need bushings replaced. They have all tried using all kinds of lube to stop the annoying noise but to no avail. What would be a fair price to replace front and rear...
Ok, so I removed two of the screws, but I can't reach the other 2 bolts that are under the housing. Is there a way to do this without taking off the housing? If so, how do I get the housing off? Thanks!
I accidentally poured a few onces of power steering fluid into the transmission. Will this harm the transmission?