i need to change the head gasket , water pump and some other parts. my sebring has 111k miles on it and is going to cost me around $2000 they say. and i don't know if i fix the car , if i wont have any problems or if something else will need fixing after all this. thank you

making a noise

The problem seems to occur every time the AC is on. The water drains on the rear floor on the passenger side. Where should I bring my car and whats the approx. cost

i can always hear wind noise specially from the top of front winshield,this is a convertible,also a lot of air on the side windows.

air stopped blowing cold so put refrigerant in it and noticed a 1/2 inch gash in metal hose that comes off ac compressor. has this happened to amyone else or does amyone know why this would happen? also how do u get that hose off it goes into the carragie that houses the fan in the front bumper.

what is the general labor cost for replacing a water pump

replacing the bushing

My brakes suddenly failed. There was a hole in the right side brake hose caliper. The brake fluid drained out. Fortunately, I was near a service center and avoided an accident. The brake hose was in close proximity and rubbing against the arm assembly which caused the brake hose to wear and fail. Is there a TSB on this problem because the mechanic says that the failure was due to poor design in location of the brake hose? Also, They are asking for $230 to repair the problem. Am I being fairly charged? Thanks, Louis

cam/crank position correlation sensor A-bank 1

I'm getting 280 miles to a tank of gas I drive on the freeways alot but live downtown. On the weeks I spend my time in El Cajon I only use Chevron 87 sometimes 91 depends. Is that good mileage?

when stopping a with the car in gear the oil light come on. When you accelarate it goes off.

my 04 sebring rough idle after t-belt change (complete kit) installed and tune ie plugs, wires, no. 4 fuel injector, ignition coil, spark plug boot and vavle cover casket replaced. FS installed t-belt wrong was out of time by one tooth.

While driving at night the dashboard lights start blinking and then eventually will go out completely. If I turn the switch off and on sometimes the lights come back on and sometimes they don't. Is this a wiring problem? If so, can you tell me an approximate cost to fix?

The codes are 0440 and 0441

my front windows rattle can they be adjusted?if so how? began about a year ago