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When car is being parked by turning wheel to the right the engine stalls. It can be qickly restarted. Any suggestions?
Car needs fuel pump installed
Can't change from park to any other gear
Pedle after a couple seconds then it run only 40 miles per hour.
had head gasket done, he did not replace water pump now a month later I have to do that with another 600$ in labor because he didnt do it to begin with.
I need to know how many hours (average) it would take to remove my 4 cylinder/automatic engine. I would also like the average labor cost per hour. Can any one help me?
it started knocking , It died while driving it, was only going 15mph when it died. No fluid leaks, didn't get hot, and I didn't try starting it afterwards either. I called triple AAA they towed it . Took a compression...
I need the labor hours and cost to remove my engine 2.4 sohc automatic 4 cylinder