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Bought a new one car still won't start but old one wasn't bad. How do I find fuel filter to see if that's the problem. There is oil in spark plug also.
I bought a 2003 Chrysler Sebring off a friend and I notice when I turn the heat on that it only blows out of the furtherest passenger side vent. The middle and driver side blows cold but the A/C works all the way across.
The wires are still attached and working. How do I reattach the mirror using the screws that are still place? How do I get the inside place off to get access to the screws?
I had gas in the car, it started normal ran fine then just started jerking and made popping type noises then just quit. Had to have it towed home. It is not the fuel pump or fuse. Any ideas? Help
Idle changes when you change gears. Can push car like it's in neutral when it's in any gear except for park. Car was fine one night then not the next morning. Checked all fuses in both fuse boxes.
When I try to start my car it acts like it wants to start but then after tryning so many times it would start but then it would cut out
This problem occurs when the next morning and I'm trying to start my car so I can warm it up it acts like it wants to start but when I want to try to start it just shuts off
My car sat for 4'yrs under a tree before I saw it and bought it for $500 and I had a mechanic put a timing belt on it cus it was broke. And luckily the valves weren't bent. I did a tune up Plugs, wires, air filter, oi...
I bought my 03 coupe chrysler last yr in 2013, with 1 previous owner that mained it very well. Its been over a year since I bought it and not 1 issue with it. I maintain it regularly, just bought new tires, and break...
Was having to add water due to gauge showing hot. Car just stopped running. Just started doing this. Also, is the water pump located in the motor?