No fuse for cruise control all fuses in fuse box tested OK any solution to my problem

Later it starts to work again the next day or even after the car is parked for a bit. I never know if it will work or not? Does it need a new blower?

horn will not work bought a relay switch but dont knows where it goes

You provide an enormous price range to remove and replace a started motor for a 2002 Sebring. A range of 270 - 940 dollars is quite a stretch. I can see why you can guarantee your estimates. Let me be a bit clearer. "How long would it take to remove and replace a starter motor on a 2002 Sebring? And replace it with a rebuilt one (if that is cheaper than a new one). Thank you.

I need the fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor and distributor cap, air filter.

I needed a new alternator and battery

Where is the oil pump located for 2002 chrystler convdrtible sebring and how do i replace it

I want to do this my self I need instructions

how do I change antifreeze/coolant