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Im bleeding the air from coolant system but it just keeps coming out (air) how long dies it take to usually bleed it? When will I know its finished and all the air is out?
My car was overheating do I replaced the thermosrat and heat sensor. How do I test to make sure its working properly?
The ABS light and the parking brake light come on at the same time just a few seconds after start up.
I have a airbag light that goes on and off when I am driving and hit a bump. I know it's a short under the seat in one of the two harnesses under the seat. Which harness should I be looking at?
I typically put the A/T in neutral as the tach passes 1000 RPM while stopping. If I don't put it back in Drive at least about 4-5 seconds before starting off, the engine will lose power when I open the throttle. At ...
My automatic door locks as well as my interior lights will no longer work. My charger port quit working too around the same time. No one can seem to figure this out.
My heat went cold 3 days ago. Every so often after starting the car it may blow warm air but only for a couple of minutes. I do have a coolant leak that seems to be coming from underneath the coolant tank. The temp wi...
Hit a bump in the road fairly hard and instruments went dark