This is a 2.5 liter V6 engine. It turns almost all the way over with no spark. Distributor was replaced but car sat for a couple of years covered up with no work done to it. My son just got this car from his father. We have tried several crankshaft sensors and replaced plug wires, plugs, ignition module, pcm,etc. Not sure what to do next, should we replace distributor again?? It is getting fuel pressure and fuel pump is functional, no codes in computer

no manual, no keyless.

no contact with engine analyzer code reader


We have installed a new distributor, wires, plugs and tried a crankshaft sensor with no luck. Any ideas??

I just got an estimate for $600 to replace the starter in my car. I know they are harder to get to than they used to be, but the last time I had a starter replaced it was only about $250 - am I missing something? Is there something special about this one? By the way, stupid place for Chrysler to put the battery! I managed to replace that myself, but why the fender well??

Called AAA for a jump start and nothing. No "rrrr" or anything. Lights, etc were not left on. Starter seemed to be okay before. The car ran fine. I parked it and went to start it and nothing. Battery tests fine for cold crank, etc. Now I have to have it towed! Any ideas why it wont start?

My Sebring the two cams moved on me while changing the tensioner. There are three points i need to set.

I started it one morning it ran for approx.20 sec and died. Upon checking it I found it had no fire to the plugs. It had never given me any problem prior to that to let me know anything was wrong. The check engine light never came on and it was running perfectly the night before.

The window goes down but wont go up

Replaced distributor, crank sensor, tune-up, fuel pump and filter IAC valve, car ran fine. Started dying at corners now will not start (flashed no bus) across the dash. Not throwing any codes. Can you help me?

do all of the motor mounts for this car look anything the same...

Only happens while driving. This does not happen while car is in park at idle.

how do you replace the alternator/power steering belt

How do I disengage the factory alarm system on my 1998 Sebring JXI Convertible. The red light keeps flashing on the dash and the word "deck" flashes opposite the odometer reading on the digital odometer on the dash above the digital drive indicator on the dash instrument panel. The car won't start at all. The starter doesn't engage at all when I turn the key. The electric door locks are disabled as well as the elec. trunk release inside the console. I tried the prescribed unlocking the doors with the key but nothing is working. Please help.