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Changed spark plugs now there's a hose he can't remember where he took it off from
The car starts but then slowly dies and the oil light is on but there is also a blinking red light on the right hand side that im not sure what it means?
ran fine no lights came on no spits sputters or noises last time i drove it ran great got home parked it 3hours later went to start it and wouldnt start
I replaced the belt at 49,000 mile. It is now 99,000 miles?
Also the gauges on the dash won't work & I get a message "no bus" on the odometer? Then in 2-3 minutes all works fine?
My car needs a tuneup it seems you have to remove the intake to get to the plugs
mile at best and quits again. Acts flooded when re-start and clears quickly and your off for a mile.Whats wrong??
The car would be moving and all of a sudden, it won't move when i apply the accelerator but the engine would be running. The water would be boiling and it moves to the reservoir and doesn't return. it becomes very hot...
I had a small leak coming from the engine on the passenger side of the engine, 2.5V6, so I changed the valve cover gaskets. The leak got worse. I changed the gasket again, and it still leaks, now worse than originally...
1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI 2.5 L - 6 Cylinder VIN = 3C3EL55H1TT259374 Bought car new in Dec 1995, has only 95484 miles… Getting code on Scanner Tool = Acteon ‘AutoScanner Plus’ - CP9580 P1391 = Lost of Camsha...
In the morning or after the car hasn't been driven for awhile it won't go when I push on the gas. the engine just races and then the car slams into gear and runs fine. I really love my car and hope it can fixed! Pleas...