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Got the v6. Changed distributor,cam sensor, crank sensor, changed all fuses.ignition switch. Changed fuel pump. Still No spark. Bypassed my auto shutdown relay n I get a clickingby my crank positioning sensor. Can't ...
My heater control use to only work on hi. Its been like that for the past 3 years. All my other controls work fine. One cold day, I turned on my heat, that only works on hi. About 10min of driving I noticed my heat wa...
can drive car 15 to 20 miles then stalls out get out and open gas cab then will run for another 15 to 20 miles .do it again again again .not fun replaced fule pump not it still doing it
my batt light has been on for several months now it doesnt allow the ac to turn on but besides that the car runs fine.I've changed the distributor which houses the the cam sensor but nothing changed accept that fixed ...
car will turn over but will not start
when i push the gas pedal the car wont go, and when i let my foot off it crawls very slowly on its own. sometime it will jolt into gear when gas is pressed. Where do I start?
Just bought this car,discovered that it runs strong in reverse,1st and 2nd gear,but will not go into drive or overdrive,what could be the problem and the solution to it?
I own a 1995 Sebring that the brakes lights will not go out. They won't even go out after the car is turn off. Are there any solutions for this?