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The transmission was just replace and the noise started after I got the car back.
I took this car to two different shops one said it was the lifters and another said that it was throwing a rod. I am not sure what to do.
the right side of the cover to the headlight is bent in bad
Hi my pacifica malfunction light keeps comming on and off. Why it is doing that?
Just happened two days ago, my car will not go faster then 35 mph without the RPM's raising to 4. There was a bad cell with the battery going to the alternator and that was replaced(battery)that took care of the engin...
We had new tires put on our Pacifica and now it is making a noise that sounds like loud tires. My husband says the "rear end " is going out. What does that mean and what does it take to fix it. Thanks
I got quoted for a repair yesterday. I want to see if its fair. I have to have a right front axle seal replaced. Its 99.00(labor) and 10.00 seal. Then they have to perform a transmission service on the car. total cost...
When in cruise control (around 50mph) and going down a a fairly steep incline, the transmission disengages sending the vehicle into neutral but the gear shift lever does not move. It is then necessary to actually brak...
no sound coming from the speakers radio okay