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RPM spiked between 3-4, Engine light was on then blinked. Drove about 3 miles to destination. Car felt like it wanted to die, but didn't. Current mileage 108900.
windows wont work either!!!! took it to a place they said the alturnator (sorry baD SPELLING) SO I REPLACED THAT. CAR WAS FINE FOR A FEW DAYS THEN BACK TO NOTHING WORKING. aLL THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH ARE ON SOME PLEASE...
The transmission was just replace and the noise started after I got the car back.
The panel where the heat and ac are is blank and the heat only blows on the floor. I have checked all the fuses and it still doesn't work. It just went blank yesterday.
I hear a grinding noise on the left front when I turn left or make a u-turn. I have to turn the wheel right a little bit to get it to adjust back sometimes
I took it to shop and was told they replaced two senor. The engine senor and maps senor.
I am looking for the trim and it is called that goes from the front edge of dash(closest to the windshield)to the windshield. Also need instructions on how to replace this trim on my 2007 Pacifica. Thanks
How much damage has been caused to the engine?
Anytime I accelerate it has a funny sound and when it idles it is fine. I just took it to shop and they checked head-gskt, replaced radiator, and checked fuel injector. This noise is not 100% consistent it is more int...
How much would it cost to replace the Catalysts convertor?
I put in a fuel pump but it's still starts and then shut off after 5 seconds I don't know what to do I only had this car for two months it has no lights on.
I don't get a re-set sensor prompt when using the menu button and no codes came up with OBD2 check. I have checked air pressure. Drove many miles to reset. The tie rod ends were replaced in Jan. Problem was intermitte...
Bought a use car ,on the thired day , i was driven down the road notice my vehicle wasnt changeing gears right,and was idling past the four when i increased on speed, couple minutes later it died down in the middle of...
power steering fails and brakes stop working while driving. Maybe ECU?
The rpm goes up and my engine come on and blinks on and off. It only happens when I'm driving slow and try to pick up speed.
I have a Video of anyone can email me? I noticed there's a part unplugged on the computer part on my car. It looks like, but I can't figure out if that's the reason it won't start. When I attempt...
I have 2004 Pacifica bought it three weeks ago my wife drove other day Car started ticking then squealing n knocking within minutes I checked it n cars full of oil no service engine lights really pissed
Have had vacuum checked - fine. Computers codes coming back okay as well, HOWEVER, issue presented after engine bearings replaced & new battery installed. Took car in for yet another opinion and had to have battery r...
My seats stop working both passenger and drivers side and the foot pedal won't adjust either, one machanic said it will cost me $300-$550 depending what's wrong he said it can be the wiring or the motor under my drive...
Heat/air/defrost. Will not blow out the right place also the air is not full force
input, output sensors, shift solenoid pack tranny filter and fluid all changed. Drove great shifted great got home and parked it. snow and ice came in so was not drove for about a week. Weather cleared and drove about...
it just started & it sounds likes my coolant is making a bubbley noise
i was driving on the highway then it cut off