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Alarm won't stop even when i put key in switch have to disconnect battery or wait a while for it to stop on it's own

I'm trying to put my ignition back together

When starting the car there is a flap sound that makes a knock noise when accelerator is pressed right away and runs rough like the air flow sensor isn't working no power

tried the shifter override and didn't work. still wont move out of park?

When starting to accelerate truck it will take time to accelerate especially in hills, after a while then it will accelerate normal but every day it keeps doing it now will take its time to accelerate normal

About to replace my alternator and the car needs some encouragement ATM when starting so and with seeing info about this plunger as i ship for an alternator I'm starting to think it's a good idea to replace both at the same time

How do I get the gas cap light off? I tried buying a new gas cap. Fixed for a day, then came back on and stayed on.

It burns oil i have to have the windows down and it smokes through the air vents and the oil light flashes i check the oil and i have it changed every 5,000 miles

I had it look at they told me it was the battery I got a new one. I also got a gound piece put on. Im.still having problem. All the lights comes on. It just wont click to start If turns over it just wont start

2006 crysler, pasifica

Change oil pc valve and hose yesterday and its leaking water.

It is running on high again. What is the problem?

every time I try to start my car I need to spray starter fluid in the throttlebody so it will start and run

I need to find a mobilization module in my 2006 Pacifica so I can reset it

Estimate cost please.

When going from a start or under about 30MPH it jerks as if it's running out of gas

my gas cap light comes on and was replaced with several ones and my gas gage is all off now too and my check engine is always on too.

My car only starts when I use starter fluid then runs fine

When I put gas in it takes a long time because the gas pump keeps stopping because my gas tank over flows and I only put like $10 when I know it's almost empty but soon as I put gas in it says its full

While it is running it smells a firecracker. It smells horrible. While sitting it has a miss so bad it makes the car shake.

was told that the sensor on the fuel pumps went out and that i need to replace the fuel filters in my pacifica. i am trying to find a reasonable price to have this fixed.

What could be the issue?

i have fuel at the tank but on fuel at the injectors any ideas? I replaced the fuel pump also

I've been to two mechanics, looking for third opinion

car talled while driving and now does nothing but turn over wont start fuel pump has been replaced but still just cranks no fire


I just bought it used about a year ago from.a car dealership and if when I thought my balljoint was getting bad I figured out that the engine cradle was almost rotted into on the passenger side and the driver side is also dangerous can I get any help with the cost for repair.

In my Pacifica the climate control loses all power and shuts down randomly then it will eventually come back on and work normally the control head display has nothing on it no temperature or anything I replaced the control head and I replaced the blower motor resistor still nothing I checked fuses and i didn't find a bad one what am I missing

Cylinoid module changed

my car will not crank due to starter not engageing. i have got new one and it still will not engage the starter. i have checked fuses and relays please help