The skylight has started leaking, is there anything I can do to protect the interior of the car until I can get it checked on?

The other 2 breaks have no juice when u break loosen the bleeder scree

Gas runs from the tank to the main convention on the metal pipe where the injectors r hook to but will not run threw the throttled boxy to crank all it does is just turn over & over but not crank because of not getting gas ,CAN YALL PLEASE HELP ME, THANKS

We have a Chrysler Pacifica Touring package, no sunroof. The water soaks carpet on drivers side only. The drivers carpet and carpet at feet of passenger directly behind driver.

Not sure if this is some sort of adapter or not. Has 3 hoses coming out of it.

Stops at acc only, won't go to lock position.

My AC was working and it wasn't as cold as it was as it was before I guess over the years that you know I guess that happens. Charged the AC and it works fine for about 10 minutes and now it only blows hot air what could the problem be

theres fuel in the tank and checked relays and fuses will start up with fuel added to breather but soon dies

System immobilized

The gear shift won't move out of park , the car is running but can't put it in gear

The car starts fine but I can't get it out of park into the drive gear or reverse gear.

After driving several miles my 2004 pacifica starts to beep - 3 beeps every 30 seconds and doesn't stop. No lights are on - engine or otherwise. Once I've stopped and the engine has been turned off for 5+ minutes and then start again it goes 5 miles or so before starting to beep again

when you start it up the eng stumbels on acceeleration

Did starter ground cranks but no fire

My car is shacking on the brake and meter is not telling me how fast orslow im going

Cranks really good hear the fuel pump run but no spark would ything on the plenum cause it

Or the whole unit where the cylinder goes in took cylinder with key out and tried turn with screwdriver and could turn it till ac came on just couldnt start

I started the engine to verify that code had cleared and it had. 1 minute while still in park, the code returned...never took auto out of park...does this isolate the problem to a sensor??

It still want start sometimes I hit it and it will and now its doing nothing even after hitting i have a new battery and just puy a new alternator in what else could cause this vehicle to not start

We have to replace moter Mont can this be why it's making the pop sound when moved from gear to gear?

I was running a little warm . Stopped added coolant while the car was still running. The car died after I added the coolant and can't get it to do anything

I started up my car to leave work and my warning indicators all lit up and I lost the radio and AC and my car is locked in park, what could be going on with my car? I've had people say it could be my alternator or a bad ground but I need to narrow it down.

Traveling to nashville i noticed an oil leak now its a huge oil leak im on my way home to florida and oil is coming out as fast as i put it in. I put in blue devil but iits not working..All mechanic places are Closed..is there a quick fix ..Can i use a different grade of oil that might last longer..please help

I have noticed it was every time I ran the air condition

Every time it's at the fuel pump, it takes a long time to fill up due to pumps kicking off even from empty, it will spit out tub quickly, have used different pumps, tyres it slowly, and different angles.

My car is shifting hard into second gear it will do a big jerk then go into gear, went and had the transmission looked at and they said motor and transmission mounts need to be replace did that and now when I press on the gas my car does a shutter, no codes for transmission or Engine problems.

In the last two days I have had the code 0304 and I have changed the spark plug, the ignition coil, and the coil boot. Still having this issue. Not sure what it could be.

Just started. No warning. As if it was out of gas. Died like the battery was dead. (Battery fine)
Bucking slightly then kills. Restarts...bucks, kills. Killed when it was on a slight grade like it wasn't getting gas...but the fuel pump was replaced less than 500 miles ago and is fine.