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In park if you rev the engine the car cuts out at or about 2500 r.p.m. This has started over night. Any clue as to what might be causing this issue.
windows wont work either!!!! took it to a place they said the alturnator (sorry baD SPELLING) SO I REPLACED THAT. CAR WAS FINE FOR A FEW DAYS THEN BACK TO NOTHING WORKING. aLL THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH ARE ON SOME PLEASE...
The panel where the heat and ac are is blank and the heat only blows on the floor. I have checked all the fuses and it still doesn't work. It just went blank yesterday.
How much would it cost to replace the Catalysts convertor?
Bought a use car ,on the thired day , i was driven down the road notice my vehicle wasnt changeing gears right,and was idling past the four when i increased on speed, couple minutes later it died down in the middle of...
i was driving on the highway then it cut off
after running for a few minutes the engine revs up very high.when in drive stoped ata redlight or stopsign while my foot is on the brake the engine rves to 3000 and the speedomoter gose up to 30mph. when shifting into...
my car fans wont come on and it has popped off the large heater hose twice. the temp gage does not register hot when this happens. ive replaced the fan fuse..40 amp. im totally clueless as to what to do. HELP