2004 Chrysler Pacifica Questions

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It is running on high again. What is the problem?

Estimate cost please.


I just bought it used about a year ago from.a car dealership and if when I thought my balljoint was getting bad I figured out that the engine cradle was almost rotted into on the passenger side and the driver side is also dangerous can I get any help with the cost for repair.

Only Chrysler can fix it. Not the blower motor, not the resistor, local mechanic thinks it's the module built inside the dash display.

Replacing old heater core with new one

Self fixing (installing heater core

It's don't want to take key

lost all power can will not start . it makes the clicking sound but wont start

My AC was working and it wasn't as cold as it was as it was before I guess over the years that you know I guess that happens. Charged the AC and it works fine for about 10 minutes and now it only blows hot air what could the problem be

After driving several miles my 2004 pacifica starts to beep - 3 beeps every 30 seconds and doesn't stop. No lights are on - engine or otherwise. Once I've stopped and the engine has been turned off for 5+ minutes and then start again it goes 5 miles or so before starting to beep again

Did starter ground cranks but no fire

Cranks really good hear the fuel pump run but no spark would ything on the plenum cause it

I started the engine to verify that code had cleared and it had. 1 minute while still in park, the code returned...never took auto out of park...does this isolate the problem to a sensor??

It still want start sometimes I hit it and it will and now its doing nothing even after hitting i have a new battery and just puy a new alternator in what else could cause this vehicle to not start