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when you rock the car from side to side it clunks or when you drive it but if you try and bounce on the front of car it doesnt do it just from side to side what will cause that
Bad rain storm since I started it earlier...moisture maybe? Lots of cranking power...but no starter action...just clicking. Oil is fresh and full ....I change it every 3000 miles religiously. Why oil light?? Help! O...
after i replaced the rack and pinion and used a degreaser to clean the engine i have been hearing this whining sound that only stops when i accelerate,but on idle its whining and the second gear jumps in but other tha...
Does positive terminal have a protective cap? How to remove it? How to connecr carger to positive terminal?
I have trained the gate/garage door remote control buttons per owners manual (got the "successful" fast flashing signals), but the control doesn't seem to be transmitting as neither the gate nor the garage doors will ...
vehicle has 170,000 plus miles,code p0406 original code set. replaced EGR Valve, now codes p0403, 405 set. trying to help school teacher with this vehicle, any help would be great..
the replacement of worn out bushings is a very important repair to a vehicle. it would be nice to see a few more repairs added to the list you already have.